Brahma Wheel Lock Review, Price, Installation (Guide)

Trailer theft is real. You may not experience this event but enough trailer owners have to warrant buying a lock. The tongue locks are not that effective and the best way to protect your trailer is to buy a wheel lock. But the decision is which wheel lock to buy

The Brahma Wheel Lock seems to be a popular one as it covers the lug nuts stopping would-be thieves from removing the wheel to move the trailer. You can buy it for roughly $250 and that may be Canadian money. There are after-market opportunities that will bring the price down.

To learn more about this lock, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can decide if this is the lock for you. It comes with a good reputation and reviews. Plus, the price seems to be right

Are Brahma Wheel Locks Any Good?


From all the reports we have read, this trailer wheel lock has been intelligently designed and makes sure the mechanism is not corrupted by the elements. Plus, it not only stops the wheel from turning, but it also covers the lug nuts so thieves cannot replace the wheel with one that does not have a lock on it.

The trouble with simple tongue locks is that all the thieves need is a cold chisel and a sledge hammer to remove them. This can be done in almost an instant. Not so with the Brahma wheel lock. It takes a lot of effort and noise to remove this product from your trailer’s wheel.

On top of all this, it is supposed to be easy to install and fold flat for better storage. Then if you own a fleet of trailers, you can have a common key for all the locks on all your trailers.

It fits all standard trailer tires and there are adaptions available for specific trailers whose wheels do not fit the standard model. So far, no one has complained that it does not work or it was too easy to circumvent. It seems to be a good anti-theft device.

Brahma Wheel Lock Reviews

You may have a difficult time finding reviews about this product. It seems that the company that makes this wheel lock product is temporarily out of business or out of business for good. The reason is a lack of supplies to continue making this lock.

The few owners that have this product on their trailers are not complaining. One owner went to the extreme and compared it with 5 other trailer wheel locks still on the market.

He wrote a very extensive review showing why it was the best lock you could buy. You can read his review at this link. The few reviews we were able to find either liked this product and have used it for years or were not mentioned in any top best list.

The latter may be because of the lack of production at this time. Our searches have not found any information telling everyone that this lock is back in production. The best you are going to do is find a used one for sale somewhere.

If you do, the good reviews most owners have given it will tell you that it is a great product and lock. They have had no problem installing it, unlocking it, and so on.

Brahma Wheel Lock Price


We have not seen too many of these wheel locks for sale. We just explained why that is the case. But if you can find one new for sale, then you may have to pay about $250 Canadian for it.

Shoppok has one for sale at $99 but whether it is still available by the time you read this is another matter. Then eBay had one for sale but it may be gone also. Check the classified ads for any that are not being used by their owners and see what kind of price you have to pay.

There are also classified ads on the different RV discussion forums that may have someone selling theirs. Their prices will vary and be up to the owner of the device.

All we can say at this time is happy hunting as those that own this device is very happy with it and do not seem like they will be selling at any time in the near future.

But you never know. You can go on those same discussion forums and say you are looking to buy and see what responses you get. Don’t be surprised if you are quoted a higher than average price for one.

Where To Buy Brahma Trailer Wheel Locks

That is a good question. One person looked at the one advertised on eBay and it was gone by the time they got there. They were responding to a YouTube video that told everyone that is where they got theirs.

You can try eBay or you can try Shoppok as there was an advertisement for one at that online marketplace. Then you can contact Hitch Depot as they seem to be advertising this product for sale.

The problem is this is a Canadian company and you have to talk to them about shipping this wheel lock across the border. They are in Red Deer, Alberta and you can contact them through this link.

When you put the words Brahma Wheel lock in the search box of your browser, you will see many results turn up from Amazon, e-Trailer, and other market places but you either get nothing about the Brahma wheel lock or the web page saying this page cannot be found.

In other words, you will be getting false results. Both marketplaces will offer other brands’ wheel locks and they seem to be as good as this one. Hopefully, the company will get back into the business and start production again soon. It seems they made a product that most RV owners loved.

Brahma Wheel Lock Installation


From what we understand, there is one arm on this lock that is movable. This is a great design as you can extend the arm to fit over your tires easily as well as folding down for better storage.

All you have to do is pull the movable arm off the lock, place the rest of the device over your tire, slip in the lug nut cover and then place the movable arm back in place.

The trick to all of this is to make sure you get the lock’s hooks completely over your tire. It takes about 20 to 30 seconds to install and your trailer should be safe.

Now the bad news. We reported that the company went out of business. We just found out that it went out of business in January 2022. That is because of the supply chain issues that have plagued different smaller businesses.

This was the #1 locking device in the US and Europe when it went under. If you want to view the installation process and get a little bit more information on this wheel lock, then check the video: 

You will see how easy it is to install and may make you wish the company was still in business.

How do You Know If The Wheel Lock Will Fit Your Tire?

The key to getting a nice fit is to measure the width of your tire. Then check to see what the maximum width the wheel lock can get to. If the maximum width goes beyond your tire’s width, then you should have a good fit.

You will want to compare different wheel locks to make sure you are getting the best one for your trailer situation. There are some good brands out there that do as good a job as the Brahma did.

Should You Buy More Than One Wheel Lock?


It is best to start out with just one. Then as you use it look at what features you like and which ones you do not like. If you need a second one then changing brands to get all the features you like is not out of the question.

Working with one will get you some needed experience and knowledge so you can look for a better model for the other tire. Or if you picked the best one out there, just buy a second one made by the same company. You can’t improve on the best.

Some Final Words

It is too bad that smaller companies like the Brahma Wheel Lock Co have been put out of business. These companies make great products that everyone enjoys. But if you are lucky, you should be able to find some used ones somewhere.

One owner may have upgraded to a newer model from another brand and wants to get rid of their old Brahma lock. Keep searching the classifieds to find one for sale. This is a good wheel lock and even used it should be worth the price you pay for it.

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