Choosing F450 Tires: Best Tires For F450 Dually (19.5 Mud)

Duallys often require larger tires than other pickups due to the amount of weight they can haul and tow. This situation makes the search for tires a little harder and more expensive. Don’t worry, good tires are out there.

Probably the best set of tires you can buy would be the BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3. These tires come with treads that create great traction under wet and dry conditions. Plus, they are made from strong rubber to handle any heavy load you are working with.

To learn more about the best tires for an F450, just continue to read our article. It provides the information you need to know about so you can get on the right track in your tire search. These tires may cost a lot though so be prepared.

What Size Tires Are On a Ford 450?


From 2008 to 2021, with a few exceptions, the tire size for this model of the truck has been the 225/70R19.5. This is the same size for all trims and models. It seems that Ford does not like to vary the tire size on its trucks.

From 2011 to 2014, Ford did make a change and this change was applied to all trims and models. The tire size for the F450 was 245/75R17. In 2022 there seems to be some variety in the tires Ford wants on this truck.

Different models and trims will use one of the following tires- LT225/70SR19.5, LT245/75SR17, or LT245/75R17E. The trim size is usually 19.5 inches with a 6-inch wide measurement.

There are some truck models that will accept a 17-inch rim with a 6.5-inch width. But in checking the charts, we do not see any model for the 2022 lineup using anything but the LT225/70SR19.5 tire.

If you want a change in the tire, check with your local tire shop and see what they say would be a compatible size for your F450. You may have some options as long as you stick with the LT and the 19.5-inch rim.

F450 Tire Options

There is supposed to be a little sticker on the B-Pillar or the edge of the driver’s door that tells you the original tire size for the F450. Then the sticker will say to see the owner’s manual for more details.

You can visit the Ford website and try to find tire specs for your F450. The instructions seem to be clear but after the first one, it may be a bit confusing to use. These are the instructions to find the tire specs

Visit the Ford website.

Click on All Vehicles to select a vehicle.

Select Models & Specs on the vehicle drop-down menu.

Choose a vehicle model.

Scroll down and select Power and Handling.

Scroll down to Wheels & Tires to view the available tire sizes.

We also checked the tire website which lists all the tires you can get for all the models of the F450 going back to 2008. The message we got when we clicked on one truck model was “No Sizes Available Within 3% of Diameter”.

This was when we clicked on the alternative tire sizes. Of course, we could not check all the truck models but we did check the 2011 King Ranch since it was a different-size tire.

This time we found 8 alternative tire options for that model year. If you want to check your specific F450 model then click on this link. It will bring you to the list and for the most part check for alternative sizes.

The 2021 King Ranch model was not as generous as the 2011 model and there were no tires matching the F450 that was within the 3% diameter range. When you are looking for new tires for your dually, keep in mind that the tires have to be at a size where they will not touch each other.

F450 19.5 Mud Tires


Mud tires are those tires that can be used in off-main road conditions. You can drive down muddy roads, have some fun in the dirt, and so on with these types of tires on your F450.

The tires under this label are also good for all road conditions and offer some great traction whether you are driving under wet or dry conditions. There are a lot of tire makers who produce good tires for an F450 dually.

1. Ironman- this company makes the I-604, I-208, & the I109 which are said to be good tires.

2. Toyo Tires- you have a nice selection here as well. There is the M655, M143, M608, M154, & M920

3. Yokohama- has the 104ZR, & the TY287,

4. Continental- makes the HRS Plus, the HDR Plus, the Hybrid HS#, Hybrid HD3, TerraPlus HD3, & Scandinavia HD3

5. Hankook- only has two options, the AH35 and the DH07

6. Cosmos- also with only two options, the CT588 Plus & the CT706 Plus

7. Bridgestone- makes only 1 tire for the F450 and it is the M729F

8. Americus- has 2 options, the AP2000 & the RD3000

9. Avantas- one option from this company and it is the AV2000S

10. Kelly makes 2 options, the ARMORSTEEL RSA ULT & the Armorsteel RSD ULT

11. Goodyear - has 2 options, the G647 RSS & the G622 RSD ULT

12. Sumitomo- finishes the list with 2 options- ST718 & the ST719

However, after all that, the Cosmos and the Sumitomo tires do not come with a great reputation. They are cheaper but their quality may reflect that lower price.

Most of the tires on this list are priced over $400 but the Cosmos are priced under $200. The Sumitomo tires are $250 and $300 respectively. There are better tires for the F450 and we will get to those shortly

The tires we checked and will list soon, do meet the mud requirements.

Biggest Tires On Stock F450

This category may only see one entrant. The 225/70R19.5 seems to be the biggest tire you can buy for the F450 dually. The reason for this is that you have to watch the spacing between the tires.

If the tires rub, then you will be replacing them very quickly and not get your money’s worth out of them. On some F450 models, you can run the 245s that we mentioned were on the 2011 to 2014 trucks but you may need to lower the air pressure and keep the weight off the tires for them to work.

As we said, we only did spot checks, there were no alternative tire sizes for the years 2008 to 2010 and 2015 to 2022. Tire stores may have better knowledge and there may be alternative sizes available so check with them to make sure.

You may be able to add a 20 or 22-inch wheel to your F450 but those tires are going to be costly. Then, again, you would have to watch that interior spacing to make sure there is no rub.

You may not find a bigger tire for the 19.5-inch wheels as it seems no one makes any bigger for that size of the wheel.

Best Tires For F450 Dually


There are some good tire companies out there that make extremely good products. This list is made up of those tire companies and while their tires for the F450 may be expensive, they are also better for you and the truck.

1. BFGoodrich Mud-Terrain T/A KM3- the treads have been tested in both wet and dry conditions and they are built with a reinforced sidewall. These tires are supposed to provide a more comfortable ride as well as have a great off-road grip. They also sport an open tread design.

2. Firestone Transforce HT2- This tire is being touted as the perfect choice for those dually owners. The tire is taller, and wider and provides great off and on-road traction and performance. This is a high-performance tire designed specifically for dually trucks. It is also great for heavy loads and low trailers.

3. Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Radial Tire- This tire has a long-life compound injected into its rubber so it is durable for both on and off-road driving. Its V-shaped tread is ideal for highway driving. Plus, it handles low temperatures well. It is supposed to last you a long time.

4. Michelin LTX M/S- When you like driving the open and rough terrain, Michelin has developed this tire for you. This is an all-season tire that does not shy away from mud or off-road conditions. Plus, it should resist punctures and other tire issues.

5. Yokohama Geolandar H/T-S G056- made to resist heat, this all-season tire is also good for those times you need to go off-road. It has a great grip and provides stability to your ride. Plus, it has reinforced sidewalls and works well in winter conditions.

6. Falken Wildpeak A/T3W Radial Tire- another top on and off-road tire that performs beyond expectations. This tire is designed to work in both high and low temperatures as well as rainy or snowy weather. Also, it has great traction for when you are towing heavy loads.

All of these tires have been rated at 4.5 stars out of 5 with the last three rated at 4.8 stars. There may be other great tires for your F450 and your local tire shop should be able to advise you on those options.

Best 19.5 Tires For F450

When you do your own search for the best tires for the F450, you have to watch out for all those fake websites that pop up with their own top 10 lists. They are almost all the same and they only mention 2 or three tires.

These lists also include different tire-related products that have nothing to do with the title of their list. You may find it difficult to get a straight answer when you use the internet. Some of the tires on those lists are not for the F450.

Right now the best tires are the ones we just listed and in the 225/70R19.5 measurement. You may be able to find alternatives for this tire but be careful that they are not too wide. Talk to your reputable local tire dealer to get more details.

The Benefits Of Dually Tires


You may not have thought about buying an F450 with dually tires before. But this truck design does come with some benefits you may find worthwhile to your trailer and hauling situation.

The only drawback to upgrading to this level of the truck is the price of the tires. They are not always cheap and if they are, the quality may be lacking.

1. Better towing- you can tow heavier trailers and haul more cargo with a dually. The tires are generally wider putting more rubber on the road for better traction. They help to reduce corner sway when turning and get better driving stability.

2. Better off-road traction- when you decide to see nature up close, this tire system has your back. The tires are designed to handle the rough terrain and provide resistance to rolling if things get bad. The tires can be self-cleaning so you always have good traction.

3. You can’t beat the stability- when you are hauling heavy loads, these tires provide great stability so you have better control over the vehicle and load. Plus, they are good at higher speeds, wet roads, and other road hazards.

Some Final Words

When you are looking for tires for your F450, you may be limited by the choices you are given. The tires are some of the widest you can get and not many tire makers make alternatives for these large tires.

Do some shopping around to find these best tires at a price you can afford. They have benefits that other truck tires do not come with. With great traction no matter the road condition, you can enjoy your drive a lot better. Just watch the pricing as these tires are not always cheap.

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