Best Dually Valve Stem Extensions (Safety and How To Install)

This replacement task is not just for looks. It serves a practical purpose. These extensions help you fill your tires with air without a lot of hassle. The extensions extend the valves so you can get the air chuck on easier and on your way faster.

The unsafe factor for valve extensions is how they were installed. If it is done poorly, you may have some trouble when you are driving down the road. Z & D, Pacific, and Autola are just a few of the top brands for dually valve stem extensions.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you are looking for when you are looking to solve your tire valve issues. Keep reading to get this important information and save yourself some tire trouble.

Dual Rear Wheel Valve Stem Extensions


These little items are designed to help you monitor your tire’s air pressure. It doesn’t matter what vehicle you have duallies on these extensions are supposed to make it easier for you to check the tire pressure on the inside wheel.

Also, these extensions are supposed to make filling your tire with air a lot easier and a lot faster. That means you can get on the road quicker as well. There are different types of extensions. Some come with J-shaped ends, others are simply straight and narrow while being made from different materials.

There are even braided types that let you position the extensions in the direction you want them to go. The good news is that you can get all shapes, sizes, and lengths at Amazon.

This marketplace sells branded and off-brand extensions that should meet your needs. The prices here are reasonable and most options come in packs of 2 or 4 so you have enough for your vehicles or trailers.

These are a practical little accessory to place on your tires. It makes life a little easier when you have to work on your tires and make sure the air pressure is correct

Dually Valve Stem Extenders Autozone

This auto parts outlet does have tire valve extenders. The brand they seem to carry the most of is called Slime and that is not a typo. You can get them in packs of 2 or 4 and they are made in either rubber or metal materials under this brand name.

The difference between the Slime brand and other brands is that these extenders are not that long. You may get a couple of inches extension and that is about it. Their price is under $6 so that is a good deal since Amazon is under $20 for different brands.

Autozone also carries a set from Coast to Coast. These are braided and long, around 6 to 8 inches in length. Plus, they come in a pack of 4. However, their price is $60 and only one of the four has a J hook on its end.

4 Z brackets are included in your purchase to make sure the extensions stay out of the way as you drive. Also, all the pieces are made from stainless steel to resist rust and corrosion.

There may be more selection in the store but these were the only two brands that popped up on their interest store website.

Valve Stem Extenders Napa


Most auto parts and accessory stores should have these important parts. They are very practical and many owners of vehicles with dually tires will need them. NAPA is no exception and they list some of these extensions on their website.

The store should have them for specific truck models and you can buy them made for Dodge, FORD and GMN, etc. The ones that NAPA offers are braided, straight, and J design. They are also made from metal so that rust and corrosion do not ruin your valve extensions.

They are also easy to install as they come with brackets to hold them in place once they are screwed on. Unfortunately, we cannot give you a price or a brand name on the options they sell.

No matter what we tried to do, we were blocked from accessing their website. There is a number of reasons why this took place. But if you want quality parts, check out NAPA and see what they have on sale.

Dually Valve Stem Extenders Oreilly’s

This auto parts outlet has quite a few tire valve extensions. These options are made by Xtra and Milton and they come in different sizes and shapes. They also come in different lengths so you can get the size you need for your tires.

Some of these extensions are made as a solid piece and others are braided so you can push them out of the way easily. Then there are short ones that only provide about 2 extra inches of length while others bend immediately after attaching to the tire valve.

We would give you the price on these different models but for some reason, Oreilly makes this information a state secret. You have to put the location of the store you want to shop at to get access to the price.

Then you have to set that location as the store before any prices appear. We did just that and found that the prices at one store are very cheap. They have extensions for as low as $1.99 to up to $12.99 depending on the style of the extension.

Plus, you can buy these extensions in packs of 2 or 4 or you can buy them individually. It all depends on how many you need at the time. Check out Oreilly’s to see if they have what you are looking for

Best Dually Valve Stem Extensions


There are different top 10 or top 8 lists for this part, yet all the ones that made one list were not mentioned for sale at any of the stores we highlighted here. The only exception was pacific and it was listed on Amazon for sale but not in any of the auto parts stores above.

The best one will be the one that does the job for a long time. You have to be careful with the braided versions as they tend to leak more than other designs. They may be handy and easy to maneuver but their strength is another issue.

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned three of those brands that made the top 8 list on one website. But the ones sold at those auto parts outlets are not inferior. If they were, they would not be sold there, at least we hope they wouldn’t.

Are Valve Stem Extenders Safe?

The may issue we found was that they are safe unless the extenders are installed improperly. If they are, you may have some problems as you drive. Another issue that came up is that you may have to have the rubber valves replaced with metal ones or you may still have problems.

But those are not the only two issues you may have. If you use tire covers and they come off while you are driving, then those covers can break the longer extenders in half, etc. That means you would have to replace those extensions and check for any tire issues due to lost air.

The biggest issue will be leaking. Some extensions are known to leak a lot, like the braided kind, so you have to be careful Then if the extensions go beyond the rims, you may break them when you rub them against a curb.

What makes these extensions unsafe is the loss of air in your tires which will impact handling and performance.

How do You Install Valve Stem Extensions on a Dually?


The most difficult aspect of this task is reaching the cap on the installed tire valves. These valves can be hidden behind the rim and very hard to reach without using proper tools. You may not be able to get your fingers inside to unscrew the cap.

But once you get the cap off, you just reverse the process. If the extension is long enough, you may not need to use a tool to start the installation. Then use a pair of needle-nose pliers to tighten the extension up. Just do not over-tighten it.

Once the extension is in place, you attach the stabilizer to hold it in place.

Some Final Words

When it comes to adding air to your dually tires, it is a good idea to have extensions mounted on the tire valve. These little accessories make it easier to add air and check your air pressure.

If you don’t use these parts, you may end up contorting your body into weird positions to be able to reach those inside tire air valves. It is worth a few bucks to save your body.

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