Finding an Awning For Aliner Campers (Aliner Canopy Ideas)

When there are no trees to help block the sun, you need to turn to awnings and canopies. These little accessories help block the sun and let you enjoy the fresh air without getting a sunburn or too hot. The question is getting one to fit your smaller, odd-shaped trailers.

There seem to be quite a few awnings that are made for A-frame Aliner campers. There is one called the Mariah that is popular but you will find many different styles and designs that will work. Amazon had one for a while but it is out of stock.

To learn more about awnings or canopies for Aliner trailers, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to find the right one for your camping needs. Not all of the options available look that great but they are practical and functional.

Awning For Aliner Trailer


When you want that extra living space outside to be shaded from the sun, you can go directly to the company. Aliner is said to make canopies or awnings for their many trailer models but the word is that they may not fit that well.

There is an awning series called the T series which is said to fit the Aliner trailers. However, it may be hard to put up, expensive and you are dealing with a lot of poles. This series of awnings also use Velcro to attach it to your camper which may not work so well in the wind.

Some people suggest that you get a stand-alone awning, like the EZ up format, as those are simple to store, unpack and set up. They are also simple to take down and put back into storage. The drawback is attaching these to your Aliner so that they do not get moved by the wind.

Then the same people suggested that you build your own. This has been done many times over the years and you can find different designs on the many RV forums that talk about awnings and pop-up campers.

One owner made theirs fit the back of their trailer instead of the side. That allowed for easier attachment but did not provide a lot of extra space.

A-frame Camper Awning


There are different pre-made designs you can go with. To give you an idea of what those designs look like just click here. You can go through the photos and see which one appeals to you, is attractive, and will do the job you want.

Having an idea of what you want will help you trim your search time and keep you from being pressured into buying what the salesman wants you to buy. Different companies will make awnings for A-frame and one of the options you have is at this link. It is circular at the top making sure the rain does not pool where it is not supposed to pool.

Then there is this company. It has different design options including a screened room to keep the bugs out. This design may be a bit bulky and heavy so make sure to take its unassembled size and weight into consideration.

There are different stores that sell Mariah-style awnings that are made for A-frame trailers. They seem to attach well and will provide you with enough shade so that you can stay cool when the sun is out.

The trick will be getting the pole height up high enough so you have enough headroom to walk underneath. You can check with different camping and RV supply outlets to see if they have any in stock.

Rockwood A122 Awning


The A122 A-frame trailer is the smallest model that Forest River produces. Rockwood is owned by Forest River and it makes awnings for these smaller campers. There was someone on the Forest River forums that was selling a NIB awning and screen room combination made for the 2015 Rockwood A122 trailer.

The retail cost for that new is about $600 6 years ago so the price may have gone up somewhat in the intervening years. There is a company that will order in the Forest River T Series or the Rockford A series awnings for Aliner trailers.

But that is as far as they will go. They do not like this series of awnings made for the Rockford and other A-frame trailers. The A & T series awnings are identical so you can get one to fit your Rockford A122 through Forest River.

The reason why this company doe snot like the T & A series awnings from Forest River include:

- The Velcro is not that secure and it attracts a host of debris, dirt, dust, and so on. Plus, it does not attach to the camper that well.

- This series of awnings are very expensive and very difficult to set up. You may spend more time setting it up than you would like.

- You cannot buy the awning separately from the screened room. this makes for a very bad purchase if you are not interested in the screened room.

- Construction quality is lacking, which is par for the course with RV manufacturers. Do not expect top-quality materials to be used in the series construction.

Some Final Words

Finding a good awning is not going to be that hard. You just have to know what to look for, what you want, and make sure that the construction quality is there. The links above will get you on the right track and many big box stores may have something in stock that will fit your needs.

But as someone has already suggested building your own may be the way to go. That way you get to pick the construction materials, the design, and the colors yourself. If you want something done right, you usually have to do it yourself.

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