Atwood RV Water Heater Not Working On Electric (Guide)

That is the nice thing about having electrical components. There is a limited number of places you need to check to find the source of the problem. When all sources prove to work right, then the problem is with the appliance.

There are many sources you can check to find the solution to this problem. Check your batteries to make sure they are charged, check the fuses to make sure they did not blow, and then check the breaker to see if it did not trip. Then apply the appropriate fix.

To learn more about this problem just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so that you can find the problem quickly and apply the right fix. This should be a quick fix.

Water Heater Not Working On Electric


As you are probably aware, Atwood is no longer an independent company, if it still exists at all. It was bought out by Dometic some years ago and now you may not find an Atwood water heater.

The good news is that whether you have an older Atwood or one made by Dometic, the sources for the problem of the water heater not working, are the same. Here is a list of those sources to get you started:

1. Check the electrical supply options first- as with anything electric, start with the batteries, the fuses, and the breakers. As you know anything electric will not run if it does not have a supply of electricity.

Replace blown breakers, charge the battery or batteries, or see if there is a short in the system that is tripping the breaker.

2. Check your generator- make sure the generator has not run out of fuel, has not been overloaded, or has some other mechanical problem. Someone may have pulled the plug accidentally and the extension cord needs to be plugged back in.

Fill the gas tank up, check the oil, and replace any lost, or fix the broken part.

3. Check the wiring- there may be a loose wire somewhere in the system or at the water tank. Check all connections and make sure they are tight and connected properly. Then follow the wires back to see if any were broken, damaged, or connected to another wire by mistake.

Replace any wires that are damaged and tighten those connections. Also, look for loose strands that may be shorting out the system.

4. Check the water heater- there are different parts that can break down on you when you are not looking. Check the heating elements to make sure they are working. If they are good, look at other parts connected to the water heater.

If everything is good, check the power switch and the thermostats. If any of these parts are bad, you should replace them with a new one, not a used one. Used items may save you money but you may just be delaying the replacement option for a short time.

Some of the testing of wires and parts can be done with a multimeter. If you know how to use one, then you should be able to test the thermostat, the elements, and the connections to make sure power is getting to those areas and they are at the right level.

The multimeter should cut down on where you should be looking for the problem.

Atwood MPD 93756 Troubleshooting


One of the things you should check and we have not mentioned yet, is the age of the water heater. If it is a true Atwood, then it may have just worn out and there is nothing you can do but buy a new water heater.

This model has been discontinued some years ago so getting spare parts to repair the previous section’s sources may be difficult. Some people say that the closest model to this one is the Atwood # AT96117.

It is the same size and will fit into your water heater space with ease. It is also a 6-gallon water heater. If you want to keep this model of water heater, then you will have to look for used parts.

Other than that, you should check the same sources that we mentioned above. Electrical problems do not change sources when the brand of the water heater changes or is old.

Just make sure you have a good multimeter that you can understand to make any investigation easier for you.

Getting a Manual For Your Older Atwood MPD 93756


As companies are bought out, go out of business, or simply stop making certain appliance models, it gets harder and harder to find a manual for your older water heater. Thankfully, there are websites dedicated to preserving manuals for older appliances, etc.

Here is the first link to try. It is our go-to manual place because they have done a great job in preserving manuals for almost every product made. We are just not sure if they charge for downloading or not.

There is a second place you can check as well. It is at this link and both websites let you read the manual before you download it. That way you can find the information you want without paying any money.

There are other manual resources out there and it is always a good idea to check with Dometic. Since they own Atwood, they should have links to Atwood’s appliance manuals.

Some Final Words

When it comes to electrical appliances not working, the common source will be electrical in nature. All you have to do is use a multimeter to narrow down your possible list of sources and then fix the ones that are wrong.

Create an electrical checklist for all of your appliances that use electricity. That way you can track down the source of the problem quickly. Just keep in mind that some appliances just wear out and need to be replaced. But before then, do your best to find the correct source of the problem.

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