Finding an Atwood RV Propane Gas Detector 31013 Replacement

They seem to be around still. Some RV owners are saying they cannot find the black model anymore. Their production was supposed to have ended years ago. But you may still find them even if they are close to their supposed end-of-life term. But the clock only starts ticking once you turn them on.

We have found a black Atwood 31014 RV Propane Gas Detector at different RV parts stores. But the biggest complaint has been that their date codes are from 7 or 5 years ago. The owners wonder if these detectors are still good. Usually, they are still good and will last for 7 years approx.

To learn more about this vital RV part, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can decide if you will buy a black or a white model propane gas detector. The white should fit easily into the black’s vacated spot in your RV.

How Long do RV Propane Detectors Last?


The ideal length of time is between 5 and 7 years, depending on the manufacturer, and other influential factors. Most people seem to get 7 years out of their detectors but change them when you feel they need to be changed.

There is usually an amber light that turns on letting you know it is time to make the change. If that light does not turn on, try to judge when you bought it last and then calculate the years since.

There is nothing wrong with changing these detectors a little bit early. Your protection should not have to rely on waiting until the last minute.

How Often Should You Replace The RV Propane Detector?


This will depend on you. You may hear an audible alarm and that usually means there is a gas leak somewhere in your RV. However, it does not always mean that. If you do not see that amber light, you may hear a little alarm go off.

That alarm is telling you that it is time to change the detector. This can happen in 5 years or in 7 or if the product is defective or worn out too early, that alarm may sound long before the 5-year mark.

The rule of thumb to guide you in all of this is that you should change the detector once every 5 to 7 years depending on the manufacturer, etc. You can do it more frequently if you want to but it is not always necessary to do that.

Replacing The Atwood RV Propane Gas Detector 31013


This will depend on the design of your detector. Some more modern units come with a plug that simply plugs into a corresponding outlet and that is all there is to it.

However, some RVs are designed with a cutout and you need to fill that space again. Or you may have an unsightly hole in your RV cabinets. This is the problem for many RV owners.

They have tried to look for the Atwood black 31013 model but those black models seem to be out of production. We have found 31014 black replacement detectors and they may fill that hole quite well.

Some RV owners have only found the white version but these will fill the hole left behind by the removal of the black detectors.

What Replaces Atwood 31011?


How about the Atwood 31011? It seems that you can still find this model even though it is said that it has been discontinued. The RV Parts Country outlet has one of these on sale right now. You can check it out at this link.

Now before you get confused, the listing says Atwood but the detector says Dometic on it. So instead of looking for the Atwood brand, look at the Dometic options first.

At the same outlet, the 31014 still says Atwood so it is possible to be confused about replacing this detector. If you can’t find these, then try the RV Safe RVCOLP-2W model. It is said to cover the hole perfectly. Plus, it will work. Alternative brands are good and not as expensive as the famous RV brand items.

Atwood 31014 Replacement


The same story goes for this model as well. The RV Parts Country is advertising the Atwood 31014 model on its web pages. See it here. The RV Parts Express has the same model for double the price when it is in stock.

But if you want to replace the Atwood then look at the off-brand alternatives. There are some good detectors you can use and all you have to do is measure the hole size to find the right one to fit your RV.

Amazon has a good selection of off-brand models at reasonable prices. Check them out or go to your favorite store for RV parts and see the options that are available.

Atwood RV Propane Gas Detector Black


Different RV owners are saying that the black models are not being produced anymore. That may be true but two things you should know first before you take their word for it.

Number one is that RV Parts Country is selling black Atwood propane detectors and the models that many RV owners want to replace. Number two, the lifespan clock does not start until you plug in the detector and turn it on.

That means that even if you find a black model for sale that is dated to 4 to 7 years ago, it should still be good. But check it out first.

Some Final Words

Even though some experienced RV owners say certain products are not being produced anymore, check it out. There may still be some available at different RV parts outlets.

We found some black 31011 and 31014 detector models still on sale today even though RV owners said they are hard to find. They should still work but keep an eye on them as how long they will work will depend on many factors.

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