Are Interstate Trailers Any Good? (Interstate Reviews)

People like bringing their toys. No matter how old one gets, having their toys within easy reach is essential. The way for RV owners to bring their toys is to buy a good box trailer. A toy hauler is okay but many older citizens may not be able to afford the cost so this is the next best thing.

Interstate trailers are made with American-made Dexter axles. That is one positive sign that tells you these trailers are a cut above the competition. Plus, they are made with heavy-duty leaf spring axles or rubber-dampened torsion axles. That is another sign of a solid build.

To learn more about these trailers and if they are any good, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make a good box trailer purchase decision. Bringing your toys along on holiday may be easier than you may think.

Who Makes Interstate Cargo Trailers?


There are two websites that we have found that talk about Interstate trailers. The first is at this link and its location and contact information are as follows-- Interstate Trailers 1101 Heritage Parkway, Mansfield, Texas 76063

Toll Free: 1-800-433-5384 | Fax: 817-453-5445 | Direct: 817-453-5402

The second is at this link and its location and contact information are as follows-- 3800 Airport Rd, Nampa, ID 83687, (360) 551-4726, (360) 547-1829.

It is a little confusing as the second website has an Interstate highway sign with the capital I in the center. When you click on it, you are sent to an Interstate cargo trailer web page with the Interstate story on it. That story does not seem to have any connection to the company at the first link.

Both companies use the Federal Highway interstate sign but the first company was established in 1982 while the second company says its interstate company was formed in 1995.

Hopefully, as we do more research we can find out which Interstate company is which and which makes the best trailers. Both are in the cargo trailer manufacturing business and both have dealer location finders, etc. It is just that some details do not line up yet.

Are Interstate Enclosed Trailers Any Good?

It seems that they are well made. According to the second website, these trailers are made with Dexter axles, heavy-duty leaf springs, or rubber-dampened torsion axles.

According to one web page at the second link above, these trailers are also made with-- “our exclusive DuraFrame™ trailer design system to our QuadraSealed™ roof seams, nobody makes a cargo trailer as tough and watertight”

The doors are supposed to be commercial strength as are the ramps. If you believe all the reviews written about this company you would see that the trailers are well made and that there might be some lemons that fell through the cracks and got to the dealers.

Not every company will make a great trailer every time and it is expected that someday you might end up with a lemon. But from our research, it seems that you can’t find a better quality cargo trailer around.

That is what the second company focuses on. They are a cargo trailer maker only so their focus is narrow but that makes it possible to make better trailers. As for the first Interstate website, we do not find the same information there as we do on the second website.

We are not sure of the quality as only the Trailers Plus name is coming up in the reviews and website descriptions.

Interstate Cargo Trailers Problems


Many of the problems have to do with customer service. Most of the 1 to 3-star reviews focused on this aspect of the business. One went on to say that even though there was a power failure, Interstate should have had a back up system to manually input their deposit, etc.

Another problem is that despite the company’s claims about their roofs not leaking at all, well, one customer had a leak. Another customer had a minor problem with the tailgate, while another was upstate because the decals had bubbles.

Other problems may be the quality of construction. At times this quality is lacking and owners have spotted construction or finishing flaws as time went on.

We do not know if the company addressed these issues as we only saw 1 response from the company to a negative review. We are not sure of their warranty duration and with the biggest problem is their customer service, it is hard to monitor if they made any improvements or not.

Again, there is no mention of the first Interstate company that we listed above. TrailerPlus seems to be getting all the attention. Being in business for 40 years one would expect more of an internet presence than they have right now.

Interstate Cargo Trailers Reviews

For every bad review, we found on trust Pilot, there were 3 to 4 positive reviews. Most of those were 5-star level and they had nothing but good things to say about this company and its trailers.

The company has a 4.6-star rating on Trust Pilot so it must be doing something good. Those positive reviews are just glowing. The negative ones we came across had some that were about construction quality but they were few and far between.

This should tell you that their cargo trailers are well-built and that you can expect good customer service for the most part. The main reviews focused on the customer service and most of the customers that wrote those reviews were not very happy.

On two of those negative reviews, Trailer Plus did respond and try to make things right. All the reviews we are seeing right now are from the last 2 years. And as we said, there are far more 5-star reviews than negative ones.

We did finally solve the mystery between the two companies. It is the second website linked above that you need to go to to get the Interstate cargo trailers. On a different website, the first company responded to a reviewer and said:

We are sorry to hear about your trailer issue, however, you have the wrong Interstate. We manufacture heavy construction equipment trailers, not enclosed trailers. The company you are looking for goes by Trailers Plus and makes an Interstate line of cargo trailers. We are not affiliated.”

But it is important to know the existence of the two companies so you do not get confused and make the same mistake that one reviewer made.

Interstate Victory vs Loadrunner


What the company says about its two trailer models.

1. Victory

- Radial tires

- Welded steel door hinges

- 1 piece, no seam roof design

- .024” aluminum siding for white or .030” aluminum siding for color

- Spare tire mount

- Gusseted construction for strength and flexibility

- Dexter axles

- LED lights

- Available in most popular trailer sizes

- 1-year roof warranty

- 1-year bumper-to-bumper warranty

2. Loadrunner

This model has many of the features that come with the Victory model and the following additional features.

- Tie downs - floor and wall

- .030” aluminum siding

- Aero flow vents

- Stabilizer jack

- Heavy-duty roof design

- 6” extra height

- Diamond plate fenders

- Door catch and handles

- EZ flex suspension on 102” wide

- Optional upgrades: RV door, 6” extra height, 4” drop axle

- 5-year roof warranty

- 2-year bumper-to-bumper warranty

What other people are saying is that one, they have owned and used a Loadrunner trailer and would buy another in a heartbeat. Their experience with it was very good and they were well satisfied.

A second customer stated that the company cuts some corners with the Victory model line. But the company went the extra mile with the Loadrunner series and put a lot of quality materials into its construction.

A third owner admitted to owning an Interstate trailer but he did not identify the model. He just talked about the size and components. He was not impressed with the torsion suspension and would buy a different trailer with another suspension system.

The taller Loadrunners may catch the wind and lower your MPG efficiency. Both model series is good, it just depends on your hauling needs that will make the difference

Interstate Enclosed Trailer Values


This will depend on the type of construction that went into the trailer as well as the size. Right now, the 5 by 8-foot size starts at about $3600 and the 5 by 10-foot models start at roughly $5000

The 6 by 10s start at approx. $4800 and the 6 by 12-foot models start at $5400, with the 6 by 14-foot models starting at about $6600. The company makes up to 8.5-foot cargo trailers and you can check their prices at the second link above.

Trailer Plus is also doing custom cargo trailer manufacturing and you would have to contact them to get a quote. But first, you need to tell them what you want in the trailer and its size.

It has been said that cargo trailers hold their value but that will depend on many factors. The aluminum-made ones may have a higher resell value than the steel or other construction materials used to build some trailers.

Plus, it depends if you have a good undercoating applied to the trailer, its design, and the overall condition. If yours is in good shape, then you should be able to get a little more money out of it.

How much you can sell your trailer for will also depend on the used cargo trailer market. You may have to wait till it gets hot again to maximize your re-sell value.

Trailer Plus Interstate Misc. Information

One of the good things about dealing with this company is that it seems to be a one-stop shop for all your trailer needs. Not only does the company build strong trailers, but they also have a parts department.

If you are in North or South Dakota which does not have a dealer, you can order the parts you need from the company’s website. They have an online store for you to use.

Part prices are marked so you can budget your purchase. Then if you do not want to use their website, the company is supposed to have over 80 dealers around the country.

Mississippi and the northeastern states do not have dealers either. The company’s website has a dealer locator web page and it is easy to find. It is on the top right-hand side of the home page, and almost all other web pages.

Including custom trailers, the company has about 8 different models they build. From box to equipment, to dump, to gooseneck trailers, you should be able to find what you want at this company.

Keep in mind that the company operates on an appointment-only basis. You would have to ask them about why they do that. They may say it is for better customer service but according to some customers, that is not working too well.

Make sure to call well ahead of your planned visit to get on their appointment list. Finally, the company offers some financing terms. Financing is available starting at about 9.24% and no penalty for an early payoff.

It is an option when you want to not take a hit on your savings or current budget.

Some Final Words

When you can get past the similar names many businesses have, then you will find that Interstate trailers of Travel Plus, maybe some of the best made. They utilize American-made products to make sure you are getting the best components at a reasonable price.

The company has a variety of trailer types to meet all your hauling needs. When you need construction-level trailers, then you might want to check out the other Interstate trailer company. They focus on the bigger heavy-duty trailers some outfits need.

Bringing your toys along for your holiday is easier with the right cargo trailer.

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