Accuride vs Alcoa: The Difference Between Alcoa and Accuride

Wheels are wheels. Well, at least some people think that way. But there is a difference between the wheels your tire rests on. Although some of those differences are not that great. The key is to make sure you get a good set that won’t damage easily.

Both Accuride and Alcoa wheels are made of aluminum. This means that they are lighter than regular steel wheels and look a lot better. There is little difference between the two of them. Price may be the deciding factor.

To learn more about these wheels, just continue reading our article. It has the information you want to know about so that you can make the best wheel-buying decision. Sometimes the difference is just in the name only.

Pros And Cons Of Aluminum Wheels


Since both sets of wheels are made of aluminum, the pros and cons of aluminum wheels will be mentioned here.


  • looks good
  • can be a strong set of wheels
  • very lightweight
  • works with all tires


  • not as cheap as steel
  • not as strong as steel
  • may not be good with low-profile tires

Then since Accuride makes steel wheels in some applications the pros and cons of that metal are warranted:


  • the cheapest option you can find
  • very strong and handles all tough situations well
  • available everywhere


  • doesn’t look as good as other metals
  • very heavy and makes the car work harder

Difference Between Alcoa And Accuride Wheels


According to one owner, there is relatively no difference between the two wheels. Then when you look at the cross-referencing chart, you will see that Accuride and Alcoa wheels are interchangeable when the same size.

The biggest difference will be in design and price. When you do some comparison shopping, you may get both sets of wheels for the same price. The materials are the same and both companies make their wheels with forged aluminum.

Both come with 10-lug nut holes for easy mounting and both come with a coated metal finish to protect the bright and clean look these wheels have. No one is complaining about either brand. They seem to be happy with both the Accuride and the Alcoa options on their RVs.

It may boil down to a matter of preference and if one is cheaper than the other at the time of purchase. Sometimes Accuride will be the cheaper of the two.

Accuride vs Alcoa


It is hard to say which brand is better. Both brands have owners that love the wheels they purchased. The arguments or discussions are not about the quality or the material used in making these wheels but which tire brand looks the best on the different wheels.

Some people do not like the Accuride and Goodyear tire combination. Others prefer Accuride and Michelin or Bridgestone tires. Then one owner preferred the Sumitomo tires and Alcoa look.

After this discussion, the topic turned to brightness and both brands seem to be very bright. It is going to boil down to which brand you prefer and which tires look the best on those wheels.

Both companies seem to make their wheels very close in specs to each other and as we have already said, most owners do not see a difference between the two. Both are aluminum and you will get the good and the bad points that aluminum comes with.

A lot of people do not like aluminum wheels as they cannot handle the rough road conditions, etc., that steel wheels can.

Where Are Accuride Wheels Made?


According to the company’s website, the head office is in Livonia, Michigan. But they have factories around North America. 4 plants are in America, one in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Illinois.

Then they have one production facility in London Ontario and 2 in Mexico. The company also has 2 distribution centers. One is in London, Ontario, Canada, and the other is in Joliet, Illinois.

If production facilities are important to you, then Accuride wheels are being made where quality is a priority. In comparison to Alcoa, which seems to be a subsidiary of Howmet Aerospace, Accuride does not have as many facilities as Alcoa does.

The Alcoa company seems to have plants around the world in about 11 countries. When you click on different links on the Alcoa website, you are sent to HowMet Aerospace web pages. You have to click on the map on Alcoa’s landing page to get to that company’s web pages

Are Accuride Wheels Clear-Coated?


According to their website, these are the finishes you can expect from this company- Accu-Lite Aluminum Wheels are available with Standard Polish (SP), Extra Polish (XP), and Extra Polish with Accu-Shield (XPC).

Some owners have stated that the wheels are clear-coated and that may be so. The company also does a black coating as well as a powder coat on some of its wheel models.

The extra-polish option makes sure both sides of the wheel are protected with polish. Once they have been coated, these wheels are resistant to scuff, scratches, and more.

Plus, the company says that their wheels should never corrode. That is good when you are always traveling in rough weather. Neither company comes right out and says they clear-coat but it is an easy conclusion to draw once you look at them.

Some Final Words

When it comes to wheels, the biggest difference will be between steel, magnesium, carbon fiber, and aluminum. When you are comparing wheels made from the same metals, you will not find much difference except possibly in the finish and the price.

There are a lot of good aluminum wheels out there and these two companies make probably the best ones you can buy. You are not going to lose out if you buy one brand over the other.

You will still get a strong wheel that looks good all the time. The key difference will be the design and the cost.

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