Finding a 50 Amp To 110 Adapter For RV (Can 50 Amps Convert?)

Getting connected can be hard to do when your RV is not wired in the same way as the campground you are staying at. There are ways to remedy this situation and usually, it involved finding the right adaptor. When you do find that part, getting connected is easy.

There are times where you will need a 50-amp adapter. The good news is that everyone’s go-to marketplace has some on sale. Just head over to Amazon and use their search box to find the best adapter that will meet your needs.

To learn more about finding a 50-amp to 110 adapters just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to get the right one for your situation. Take a few minutes and get up to speed on where you can find these handy devices.

Can You Plug a 50 Amp Into 110?


It is possible, but it can also be a bit tricky. 50 amp plugs are wired for 240 volts, (220 no longer exists in America except in a few older situations), and there are restrictions on where you can plug it in.

If you choose the wrong outlet, like a dryer set up, then you can fry the electrical system in your RV. Even though the plug may look exactly like the outlet, you cannot always plug it into the outlet. The power range is different and will cause you nothing but trouble.

The best way to connect your 50-amp RV into a 110 circuit is to buy an adapter. These range in price from $10 to $30 with some costing a bit more. But the expense is worth it as it protects you from ruining your electrical system and costing you a lot more in repairs.

The next best way to hook up your 50-amp RV to a 110 circuit is to hire an electrician to wire a whole new outlet, etc., and that can get costly as well. Adapters are not hard to find, so you should investigate which of the ones on the market today will work the best for you

Can 50 Amps Convert To 110?

This is possible and many RV owners have done just that. Since RV life is not perfect, you will run into situations where you have to use some sort of technical adjustment to make electrical applications work.

In this case, these owners have used a 50 amp to 110 adapter that works well for them. There is a big drawback when you use these adapters. The power supply is good for light electrical use items like fridges, lights, and other accessories that only need 110 power.

However, when you add the adapter and bring the power supply down to 110, you will not be able to run your AC unit or any other appliance requiring a 240 power supply. This is a factor you have to consider when you are thinking about making this move.

Make sure you do not plug your 50 amp cord into a plug designed for a welder. That will cause disastrous effects and set your budget back a long way. Plugging a 50 amp plug into anything that is not designed for needs careful thought.

Assuming it will work is not the right process to use.

50 Amp To 110 Adapters For RV


Before we get to where you can find these adapters, there is one word of caution you need to be aware of. Even though you use an adapter to bring the 50 amps down to the 110 level, you cannot use an ordinary household extension cord to relay the power.

These power cords are usually made with small gauge wires and they will not be able to handle the load. The end result is that you can damage the household extension cord or your RV’s electrical system.

What you want to use is an extension cord made for RVs. These are made with heavier 10-gauge wires for the 30 amp extension cord, or the 50-amp extension cord which is made with 6 gauge wires for hot and neutral, and an 8 gauge ground wire.

Not just any extension cord will work for this set-up. The length of these extension cords is not that important and the one you buy will depend on how long you need it to be.

You can match the cord up with the 50-amp to 110 adapters that you buy and there are quite a few available at different outlets throughout the country.

50 Amp Male To 110 Adapter

50-Am- Male-To-110-Adapter

There are some of these adapters available but we have not seen that many of them. The majority of the adapters available at Amazon are the 50-amp female to the 110 male. But if you search that marketplace long enough, you should be able to find a good selection.

From what we have been able to find, the prices seem reasonable and should not harm anyone’s budget. Before you buy though, you should get some expert advice on their use and how to plug them into different systems.

You will find these adapters on sale next to the 50-amp to 110 adapters for RVs. They are a common device that is in somewhat good demand. Amazon is just going to be one location where you can find either model at.

The 50-amp to 110 adapters are also very inexpensive to buy through Amazon. That means that you can be ready for any electrical situation no matter where you camp with your RV.

We should mention that the 50-amp system is normally only found on the larger Class A RV models. You may find some smaller RVs and trailers that are wired for 30-amps of power. What this means is that you may not run into this problem unless the campground is wired for 50 amps only.

What Is The Standard 50 Amp RV Plug?


The normal-looking 50-amp plug for RVs has 3 flat prongs for hot and neutral wires and one round one for the ground wire. There are different types of 50-amp plugs so you do have to be somewhat careful when you go to buy your adapter.

Also, a 50-amp plug can only provide a maximum of 12,000 watts. This is vastly different from the 30-amp plug which has only 3 prongs and can transfer up to 3600 watts only. Even if you use an adapter, you will only receive 3600 watts on a 50 to 30 amp transfer.

The difference between the 30 and 50-amp plugs is the number of wires each contains. The 30 amp has one hot, one neutral, and one ground wire. The 50-amp plug has 2 hot wires, one neutral and one ground wire. Those hot wires are rated at 120 volts each for both the 30 and the 50-amp plugs.

If your RV has one of each outlet next to each other, and you are not sure which is which or they are not marked. Count the openings to make sure. The outlet with 4 openings is the 50-amp and the one with three is the 30-amp outlet.

Where To Find 50-amp To 110 Adapters


The first place most people look will be Amazon. It is a good option to use because that marketplace sells just about everything. If you go to Amazon, you will not be disappointed as that website has a large selection of 5-amp to 110 adapters in different designs.

Another place to look would be that popular e-trailer website. They too have a lot of accessories for RVs including extension cords and adapters. That company also has experts standing by if you need to ask any questions before you make your purchase.

Then if you do not like shopping online, you can always go to Lowes or Home Depot. They advertise a large array of adapters and this model should be part of that selection.

Do not forget to try different marines supply outlets, hardware stores, or those national RV accessories and parts chain stores that dot the countryside. They may have some on hand but their selection may be limited due to their lack of space.

What price you will pay will depend on where you shop. Check out the local stores where you are camping to see if they have what you need at the price you want to pay. In-person shopping beats online shopping when you need a part right away.

Some Final Words

It is possible to find a 50-amp to 110 adapters and make the right electrical connection. The key will be finding the right one that will handle the power load, the transfer supply and will last a long time.

Some 90-degree designs are said to take the stress off the connection so make sure you find the right design for your camping situation. Their cost is the same as other adapters.

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