275 vs 255 Tires Width: Difference Between 255 And 275 Tires

When you are looking at two different-sized tires, there will be more than just the width that is different. Some of those differences are invisible and only show up at the right time. Just watch the brand you buy as one big difference starts right there.

As you can expect, the biggest difference will be in the width, the 275 tire is 20 mm wider than the 255. Some other physical differences will be in circumference, diameter, and sidewall height. The taller the sidewall height the stronger the tire.

To learn more about the differences between these two tire sizes, just continue to read our article. It explores the comparison to bring you the best information on these tires so you can make the best tire purchasing decision for your driving needs.

What's The Difference Between 255 And 275 Tires?


There are a few physical differences between these tires and in a side-by-side viewing comparison, you can see those differences quite easily. The 275 tire is just bigger than the 255 tire option.

But there are other differences between these tires you can’t see. The first is going to be weight. The larger tire will be heavier which translates into lower fuel efficiency. Another will be handling.

The wider tire provides better handling in most driving situations. Then there is the load bearing and speed rating difference. Usually, the larger tire has a heavier load rating and can go faster than the smaller tire.

That difference can be minimal but it is still significant. It could mean the difference between safe driving and a tire blow out.

275 vs 255 Tires Width

The first number in the tire code on the sidewall of the different tires tells you the width of the tire…in millimeters. For those who do not fully understand the metric system, the 275 mm width translates into 10.8 inches.

The 255 mm width translates into 10 inches wide. Those codes can be confusing as some of the numbers are in millimeters and the others may be in inches. For example, the R17 or R18 refers to a 17 or 18 INCH rim.

The good news is that while the 255 tire width is good at handling, traction, and going over bumps, rocks, and soft dirt, the 275 mm width tire does it better. It is also a stronger tire and less vulnerable to sharp objects.

The only question there should be is who made the tires. You can go with a 275 tire that is cheap and from a fairly unknown brand but that does not mean you have the better tire.

255 vs 275 Traction


When you look at different comparisons, it is easy to be confused. For example, one comparison between the 255 and a 235 tire will sing the praises of the former but not the latter tire option.

It will say how great the tire is at traction and handling because of the extra width. Then you come to this comparison and see the same width of tire talked about in a negative manner, simply because it is the thinner model.

The 255 tire has not lost any of its positive attributes when compared with the wider tire. It is just that the 275 in this case, does it better, except for fuel mileage. Both are great at traction, the 275 just has more rubber on the road for better traction.

Can you put 275 Tires on 255 Rims?

Yes, this is possible. There is some overlap of rim widths that these tires will work on. For example, for the 9.5-inch wide rim, the best tire for that rim width is 255 with the 275 tire option being the maximum tire width you can put on that rim.

Then for a 10-inch wide rim, the vest tire width to put on is the 275 mm while the 255 mm tire is the minimum tire width that will go on that rim. The key is to make sure the third number in the tire code is the same.

The 255 and 275 tire options need to fit the same 16, 17, or even 18-inch rims for this to work.

255 vs 275 Tires Mustang


Between these two tire models, the most recommended is the 255. For some reason, the 275 tires are not recommended in one instance for all the models of mustangs that have been produced over the years.

One chart skips the 275 and goes from 255 to 285 or 305-sized tires. One reason may be that the 275s are known to bulge somewhat when placed on a mustang rim.

But, that is not to say you can’t use a 275 tire as it will fit and some owners are very pleased with their performance even though there is a slight bulge. You can see the Mustang tire charts at this link.

Tundra 255/70R18 vs 275/65R18

In this situation, many of the Tundra owners went with the 255s over the 275s. The reason for that decision was that they claim the 255s will be better in the snow. But not everyone gets snow in the winter.

You may only get rain and the 275s would be better in that weather condition. But that thinking may not apply to these two tires. There is no difference between the two tires mentioned in the sub heading.

They have the exact same measurements except for the width. They are 32-inch tires with a 7-inch sidewall height. One is as good as the other except maybe for snow. The price may be the deciding factor.

255/50R20 vs 275/45R20


The difference between these two tires is minute. The 255 has a larger diameter of only .3 inches- 30 to 29.7. The sidewall height difference is even smaller 5 inches to 4.9 in the 255 tire favor.

The biggest difference is.9 inches and that is found in the circumference. The 255 is 94.3 inches to the 275's 93.4-inch size. You will still get better handling from the 275 tire but the 255 will have the edge in the fuel economy.

That edge may not be that much though due to the smallness of those differences. Again, the price of both sets of tires may make the final decision for you.

255/60R15 vs 275/60R15

In this comparison, you will find that the bigger tire is the 275 in all categories except for revolutions per minute. The diameter has the 275 at 28 inches and the 255 at 27 inches, the sidewall height is almost just as large at 6.5 to 6 inches favoring the 275 tire option.

Finally, the circumference has a 3-inch difference with the 275 measuring 87.9 inches to the 255’s 84.9 inches. Revolutions per minute are 746 to 721 in favor of the 255 tire.

Gas mileage will still favor the 255 tire model but the handling and better traction will be on the 275’s side of the comparison.

255 35 R20 vs 275 30R20

255 35-R20-vs-275-30R20

Except for the actual width of the tire, the 255 tire model will have a slight advantage over the 275 tire model. Its diameter measures 27 inches to the 275’s 26.5 inches. The sidewall height is very close with a 3.5-inch height compared to the 275’s 3.2-inch height

The circumference is 84.9 for the 255 and the 275 tire has a circumference of 83.2, a 1.7-inch difference. As for weight, it is hard to calculate as the 275 is wider so more rubber may be used to create that tire.

But the weight would be close due to the slight differences between the two tires. Check the price to see which one will fit your budget the best.

255 80 R17 vs 275/70R17

The differences are very small again, and this time, like most of the other comparisons, the 255 turns out to be the bigger of the two tires except for the width. The 275 tire will always be the wider of the two tires providing more strength.

For diameter, there is a .9-inch difference with the 255 having a 33.1 diameter compared to the 275’s 32.2-inch diameter. The sidewall height measures 8 inches to 7.6 inches with the 255 out on top.

Finally, the circumference is also greater for the 255 as it measures 103.8 inches compared to the 275’s 101-inch circumference. The other differences will be in speed, load, and weight categories and those are on other charts.

Some Final Words

When it comes to tires, you want one that will perform well. Last a long time, and provide good ride comfort. You may get 2 out of 3 with both tire options. Where one does not do that well, the other will.

The key is to check all the charts, not just one. You have to consider brand, load, weight, and speed ratings to make sure these tires will fit your driving situation. You don’t just slap tires on a vehicle anymore and drive away.

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