275 80R22.5 vs 295 75R22.5: Is 275 80R225 same as 295 75R225?

They may read different. The numbers do not always tell the whole story about different tires. Their numbers may say one thing but in a head-to-head competition, what seems like to be two different tires, turns out to be almost identical ones.

The 275 80R22.5 and the 295 75R22.5 tires may read like different tires but when you compare them, they are almost the same. There is a very minute difference between them that you might as well say they are identical. That is how close they are.

To learn more about these two tires, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you have up-to-date information when you go out tire shopping. Some people will say they are identical even though there are slight differences between them

Quick Comparison Chart

Category 275 80 R 22.5 295 75 R 22.5 Difference
Diameter 39.82 39.92 0.1 or 0.2%
Width 10.83 11.61 0.79 or 7.3%
Circumference 125.11 125.42 0.31 or 0.2%
Sidewall height 8.66 8.71 0.05 or 0.6%
Revolutions per mile 506.45 505.2 -1.25 0r -0.2%

All information is in inches and the details were taken from https://www.tacomaworld.com/tirecalc?tires=275-80r22.5-295-75r22.5

As you can see from this chart, there is hardly any difference between these two tires. We checked a second website to confirm these details and they are exactly the same.

According to one mechanic, there is no difference between these tires. The slight width may give you a bit more rubber on the road but that is about it.

Is 275 80R22.5 The Same as 295 75R22.5?

Is 275-80R22.5-The-Same-as-295-75R22.5

The word is that these two tires are interchangeable. The people making that statement also say to check with a tire professional to make sure the two tires are compatible with your wheel set up, etc.

We would second that conclusion as if you do not know tires that well, you want to make sure that you are getting the right tires for your vehicles, including your RV.

The important piece of information on your tire is the 275 or the 295. Those 3 digits tell you the width of the tire in millimeters. As you can see by the numbers and by our chart, the 295 is only about 3/4 of an inch wider than the 275.

That is not much of a difference when you think about it. There will be those that disagree with this conclusion. They feel that you should stick to 275s when they are already on your RV or 295s in the same situation.

What Does 295 75R22.5 Mean?


These numbers and letters are merely a code to give you all the information you need without filling the tire with lots of stamped on letters. For example, the 295 is in millimeters and indicates that the tire width is 295mm wide

295 is easier to write on a tire than 295 millimeters wide. The 75 stands for the sidewall height in relation to the width of the tire. That number says the sidewall height is 75% of the size of the width.

The R tells you that the tire is a radial tire and the 22.5 tells you the rim size this tire will fit on. Once you know the code, it is easy to understand what type of tire you would need for your RV or vehicle.

What is the confusing aspect of this code is that the first 2 numbers are in mm while the last number is in inches. Just don’t confuse the two when you are buying new tires and rims.

275 80R22.5 vs 295 75R22.5


The two tires are very close to each other and this includes what the speedometer registers and what your actual speed is. There is such a minute difference between these tires that you may only get a 0.1 difference between your actual speed and the speed shown on your speedometer.

For example, if your speedometer registers your speed at 60 mph, your actual speed may be 59.9 mph. In other words, you are getting a very accurate reading and the different tires will not change that accuracy.

The biggest difference you will find between these two tires is the brand. It has been reported that the 275 tire is made by Michelin and the 295 tire is made by other brands. The quality of the rubber and tire would be the only real difference in this comparison.

People are reporting that they are not seeing or feel any difference between these two tire sizes. They also report having no trouble when they swap them out. One reason they do is price. Michelin’s are usually more expensive than other brands.

275/80R22.5 Diameter


The overall diameter of this tire is almost 40 inches. You can get the exact measurement in the chart above. As you can see from that chart, the 295 is only 0.1 bigger than the 275. That is not a difference to be concerned about.

The fact that the two tires can fit on the same rim should not get you worried about spacing. The two tires should fit in the same space with ease. Your biggest concern would be the brand of the tire.

You have to be careful about which brand you buy as all tires are not made the same. Even though they may have the same numbers as Michelin, etc., they are not made to Michelin or other top tire brands’ standards.

Watch the brand you buy as cheaper is not better in this case.

Some Final Words

Buying tires for your RV is not that hard. While you may want to stick to the brand and tire numbers already on your vehicle, that may not be possible. There are numerous reasons why that is not possible.

When you go for a new tire that has a different code they may be identical like these two tires. A less than 1% difference is very good no matter how you look at it. The brand will be the key.

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