265 vs 285 Tire Width: Difference Between 265 And 285 Tires

While one tire is wider than another, those differences may only be minimal. The reason for that is that one tire is wider than another. The rest of the tire is made according to the same specs for both width options. You should not see much difference in quality.

That is the biggest difference between these two tires. The 265 tire is narrower than the 285 which should help improve gas mileage somewhat. You may only see about a 1 to 2 mpg difference when you go smaller. But that may be enough for some people.

To learn more about these tires, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make a wise tire decision. The most important part of this decision is the brand over the width.

Difference Between 265 And 285 Tires


If you are comparing the same brand of tires, then you should not see too much difference between these two models. The company will apply the same standards for all of its tires so you know what type of quality you are buying.

With the narrower width, the 265 will not have the same amount of grip that the 285-sized tire has. This may be important if you live in rainy or snowy regions of the country. Or if you drive off-road a lot.

The 285 tire model will be able to grip those slick surfaces better making sure you drive safely across those surfaces.

265 vs 285 Tire Width

As you can figure out, the 265 is 20 mm narrower than the 285s. Like all tire widths that is either a good thing or a bad thing. It all depends on what you want out of a tire and where you drive.

You may get more gas mileage out of a 265 tire but that is about the biggest advantage you will have. When you translate the millimeters into inches the 285 size is 11.2 inches wide while the 265 tire model is only 10.4 inches wide.

You are going to get more tire on the road when you buy the 285 and that makes for a safer ride under ideal conditions.

265 vs 285 Noise

You should find that the 265 tire option is quieter than the 285 tire option. The less road resistance should lessen the noise you hear as you drive down a paved road.

The 285 tire is said to be a quiet tire but that conclusion is relative. With the way the passenger section of modern cars is made, you may not hear a lot of tire noise anyways.

If you can handle the noise, then you may see that the wider tire provides a better handling situation. In some traffic conditions, handling may be the only thing between you and a fender bender. Plus, you should be able to brake better with the wider tire.

265 vs 285 Tires In Snow


Some people say that you get better performance with the narrower tire but that remains to be seen. There are others who state that the wider tire is better because you get a larger dry traction area with the wider tire.

There are going to be snowy conditions where both sets of tires will need the assistance of chains. Either one is not going to pass the deep snow without that aid.

But in lighter snow, you want better handling and traction and that will be the 285 tires. Wider is usually better in light snow due to the ability of the tire to get rid of moisture faster than the narrower tire.

265 vs 285 Tires Mpg

It goes without saying that the bigger tire is going to have a lower fuel economy. It stands to reason as you have a wider tire with more rolling resistance and a lot more weight than the smaller tire.

That difference is what will cut your fuel mileage down. Some owners have reported losing about 1 mpg when they switched to wider tires. Most owners are not that worried about this reduction.

If they were, they would not be driving their larger vehicles. Instead, they would be driving micro vans or mini cars and not use a trailer but go to a motel or hotel room.

Can I Use 265 Tires Instead Of 285?

Yes, you can and there are two ways to do this. The first way is to have the same size tire. By same-size tire, we mean the number that comes after the R. That number is the rim size the tires will work with.

If you switch a 285/50R17 with a 265/50R17 tire then you should have no problem. As long as you do not do just one tire. The second way to make this replacement would be to replace all 4 tires with the 265 tires.

You cannot mix and match in this situation. You would be putting yourself in a lot of danger by doing so.

265 vs 285 Tires Tacoma


This will depend on your driving habits and where you drive. Both tires will work for this model of vehicle. It is just a matter of what type of performance you want and how you want your Tacoma to look.

The 285s look really nice on this vehicle and they will give you better performance, handling, and control no matter where you drive. The only difference you may see will be in your actual speed rating compared to your speedometer reading and mpg.

Then which tire you use will depend on how much you want to spend. The 285 tire option is going to be more expensive than the 265 tire option.

265 vs 285 Tires Silverado

The same can be said for this model of truck. The biggest difference you will get is the mpg and the width of the tire. Not to mention, the cost of each tire. If you can afford it the 285 option is the best one to go with.

Some owners reported that they had no difference in their actual speed and speedometer rating. They also thought that the 285s looked better.

265/70R17 vs 285/70R17 F150

The former tire in this comparison will be smaller in every category except revolutions per mile, mpg, and cost. The 265s are smaller by 1.1 inches, narrower by .8 of an inch, and 3.5 inches smaller in the circumference category.

Plus, some people tend to find that the 285 model is better looking no matter which vehicle it goes on. Also, while your speedometer reads 60 mph you may actually only be going 58 mph when you switch to the 285 options.

265/65 R17 vs 285/70 R17

26565 R17-vs-28570-R17

There is no real comparison here as the 285 tire option will be larger in most categories. Not only are they 20 mm wider, but they are also just over 2 inches taller in diameter.

The speed difference is going to be greater with the 285 tires going 1.4 mph faster than the 265 models. With the greater rolling resistance, you are going to lose some in the mpg department as well if you go from the former to the latter tire option.

265 70 R16 vs 285 75 R16

You may need a lift kit when you make this transition. The 285s are 4.3 inches taller in the diameter category. The width is still the same but the sidewall height is 2.1 inches more for the 285 over the 265 tire- it is an 8.4 to 6.3 inches difference.

When you look at a side-by-side image of the two tires, you will see how much larger the 285 tire is. Do not expect to get great fuel mileage with this size of tire but do expect to get better handling when you go off-road.

265 75R16 vs 285 75R16

The differences here are minimal and the 285 is only about 1.2 inches larger in diameter. The width is going to remain- 11.2 compared to 10.4 but the side wall height is going to be closer together- 8.4 to 7.8 inches favoring the 285 tire models.

The only good news in this comparison is that you will not have to change the rims. Both tires will fit a 16-inch rim. The 285 tire may reduce your mileage a little bit but that will depend on numerous other factors involved with fuel efficiency.

Some Final Words

Tires are a very important part of your vehicle. Not only do they help get you from point A to point B, but they also make the drive safer, better, and sometimes more fuel efficient.

Tires are not just tires and you should put some thought into what you buy including the brand. All brands are not the same just like all tires are not the same even though they come in the same size.

Just buy the right tires for your vehicle and have a better driving experience.

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