245 vs 265 Tire Width: Difference Between 245 And 265 Tires

You may or may not get both in the tires you choose. Picking the right tire for your vehicle will depend a lot on your driving preferences, habits, and road conditions. It is a lot to think about but when you do, you get a tire that gives you top performance.

The biggest difference between these two tires should be strength. The 265 option will carry more weight, handle bumps better and be less vulnerable to sharp objects when you run across them on your traveling adventures.

To learn more about these two tires, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make the best choice for your driving time. Take a few minutes to see how this information helps you get a better tire.

What's The Difference Between a 245 And a 265 Tire?


Besides the width of the tire, one of the differences will be the type of vehicle these tires will fit. The 245-sized tire is perfect for Ford and Chevrolets while the 265 is better for Foton and other Chevrolet models.

There will be other car and truck models thrown in other as well. Then, while the 245 tire option has excellent traction capabilities, the 265 is just better, especially for those rainy and snowy days you have to drive.

Plus, the 245 should provide a more comfortable ride over the 365 tire but the latter will have enhanced grip for turns and corners.

How Much Bigger is a 265 Tire Than a 245?

This difference will depend on the second number in the code on the side of the tire. For example, when both tires have 70 as their second number, there is a 1.1-inch difference in the diameter favoring the 265s. Then the width of the 265 tire is .8 of an inch wider over the 245 model.

Then the 265 is about .6 of an inch higher in sidewall height and 3.7 inches bigger in circumference. The biggest difference will be the circumference and that may make all the difference.

A side-by-side view of the tires shows the 265 being very larger than the 245 option.

245 vs 265 Gas Mileage

It is really hard to state an objective figure here as there are so many more factors involved in rating the mpg for both tires. The rolling resistance for the 265 will be greater than the rolling resistance in the 245 option so you know the latter will get better gas mileage under ideal conditions.

Those conditions range from driver habits, air pressure in the tires, road conditions, total hauling, towing weight, and so on. Just be content knowing that the 265 tire will use more fuel. Even if you drive perfectly under the best conditions.

245 vs 265 Tire Noise


It is being said that under perfect conditions, the 265 tire option will be quieter than the 245 tire. That is because this tire was made to be quiet and you would be lucky to hear any sound coming from them.

Your experience may be different and you may not think in the same way. It is possible that the 245 option is also quiet but that would be due to any changes in the construction method used by the tire manufacturer.

Different tire makers have different standards so these conclusions may vary with tire brands.

245 vs 265 Tire Traction

It is said that the 245 tire has excellent tire traction. They should as they are a bit on the wide side of tire size and the wider tire provides good traction most of the time.

However, the 265 tire option is said to be superior to its competitor when it comes to traction. The reason for saying that is because you have 20 more mm on the surface of the road providing your vehicle with lots of dry traction area.

The extra width will provide better traction as well as handling. It just has too much roll resistance and weight to be superior at fuel efficiency.

245 vs 265 in Snow

This may be a toss-up as a lot depends on tread design as well as pressure on the road’s surface. The 245 tire should put more pressure on the road’s surface helping it to grip the snow and give you good traction.

Plus, the 245 tire is famous for its traction performance and snow does not take anything away from that reputation. The problem with the 245 tire is that the 265 is just better at traction than it is, even in snow.

245 vs 265 Tires Tacoma


Looks aside as that is not that important. The 265 has bigger and wider treads on it and that will make a big difference in your driving. Many owners already prefer the 265s over the 245s as they want a stronger tire over ride comfort.

That Is not to say that the 265s can’t produce comfort in your ride, the 245s just do it better. You will probably take about a 1 to 2 mpg hit in your fuel efficiency when you go to the bigger and wider tire.

The main reason for that is that the 265 tire is bigger, heavier, and needs more fuel to drive the same distance.

245 vs 265 Tires Silverado

One of the things to watch out for here would be rim size. While the 245s can fit on a smaller rim width, the 265s may not be able to go as low as the 245 can. But then, the 245 tire cannot go as high in width on a rim as the 265 can.

The performance of both tires will be similar and you should only say small differences in mpg and other key factors. The best thing about the 265 option is its strength. It should handle more weight than the 245 tire.

Can I Replace 245 Tires With 265?

Yes, you can as long as the tires can fit on the same rims. It will be the diameter size as well as the rim width size that will let you make the change.

If the 265 is not compatible with your current rim width, then you would have to buy new rims that fit the 265 tires before you can make the change. As long as you have the same width of tires and on the same axle you should have the same rolling radius.

245 75R16 vs 265 75R16


When you compare these tires, you will see that the latter option has a 1.1-inch greater diameter than the former tire option- 31.6 to 30.5 inches. Their width has a .8 of an inch difference from 10.4 to 9.6 in favor of the 265 tires.

The side wall height has a .6 of an inch difference with the 265 being the larger of the two- 7.8 to 7.2 inches. Finally, the 265 tire has a 99.4-inch circumference to the 245’s 95.7.

As you can see, these two tires are fairly close in size and should fit on your current rims.

245 45R18 vs 265 35 R18

When you compare these two tire sizes, you will see that it will be the 245 tire option that is bigger than the 265 tire. That is in just about every category but width. You will still have that 20 mm difference or 10.4 to 9.6-inch difference between the two tires.

That will mean that the 245s, although bigger, will still get better gas mileage than the 265s. The latter tire is essentially a 25-inch tire while the former tire is a 26-inch tire. You will need to watch your clearance space if you make this change.

245 65 R17 vs 265 70 R17

In this comparison, the 265 regains its superiority over the 245 tire option. There is a 2.1-inch difference between the two tires with the 265s measuring 31.6 inches in diameter.

Then the sidewall height is also larger as the 265s reach 7.3 inches to the 245’s 6.3-inch height. Finally, the circumference has the biggest difference as the 265 tire measures 99.2 inches compared to the 245’s 92.8 inches.

All of this does not bode well for the 265 in the mpg department. But it does bode well when you are hauling and towing heavy weights. You will have a stronger tire here.

Some Final Words

When it comes to overall performance, sometimes you have to sacrifice the better mpg results for the stronger and more durable tire. If you are towing and hauling that is the smarter move to make. But as a daily driver, it would be better to go with the thinner and smaller tire to save on fuel costs.

Both tires in this comparison will provide excellent traction. It is just that the 265 option will be better at it. Just like the 245 tire will be better at ride comfort and fuel savings. It is a trade-off.

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