225 vs 245 Tire Width: Difference Between 225 And 245 Tires

One of the things you can count on is the fact that tires will be different. Even if they are made by the same company. There will always be one tire model that will have positives and negatives, the other models will not.

The biggest difference between these two tire models is the 20 mm width as well as performance differences. The thinner tire should get better gas mileage while the wider tire will provide better traction, stability, and handling.

To learn more about these differences, just continue to read our article. It explores this topic so you have the best information possible to make a good tire purchasing decision.

Differences Between 225 And 245 Tires


When you have a high-performance vehicle, you will want a wider tire. The traction, stability, and handling features that come with that tire work best with that type of vehicle.

If you own a high-performance tire, fuel efficiency is one of the last things on your mind. Plus, you do not normally drive this type of vehicle in the snow which makes the 225 tire option better for some other owners.

225 vs 245 Tire Width

When it comes to width, you will have .7 inches more tire touching the road with the 245s than you would with the 225 tire model. That is a 7.9% increase in road surface for the 245 tire.

That is good news for those who drive in the rain a lot. The traction and handling you will get will make your commute a lot safer and more enjoyable. The 225 is said t be better in snow but that is debatable.

225 vs 245 Grip


This would depend on the tread the tire has on it. Usually, though, the 245 tire will have a better grip on the road because it has more contact surface than the 225 option.

The wider the tire the more dry area the tire can hang onto which makes for better handling over dry or wet roads. The thinner tire, they say, is better in the snow as it can cut through the snow better and make for a better driving experience.

225 vs 245 Mpg

With so many factors involved in calculating the mpg you will get with any tire, it is hard to place an exact number here. Just be content with the fact that the thinner tire has less rolling resistance thus it will use less fuel.

With more rolling resistance the car’s engine has to work a little harder whereby it will use more fuel to drive the same distance.

225 vs 245 Winter Tires


They say the thinner tire is best for snow-covered roads because it is like a foot. When you walk on snow with just your boots, your feet cut right through the snow.

But if you where snowshoes that are wider than your boots, your feet won’t sink as far. That is the same concept for these tires. The thinner tire will cut through the snow while the wider tire will have you closer to the surface.

Are 225 And 245 Tires Interchangeable?

It is possible to do this but you have to be careful about how the wider tire will fit in the wheel well. It is possible that the wider tire will stick out more than the thinner model which may impact driving and parking somewhat.

But if you have the same size tire for rims, the third number in the tire code, then you can interchange these tires with ease. Just watch your clearance.

225 vs 245 Tire Compatibility


The compatibility will depend on the rim width, not its diameter. That diameter should be the same for both tires and if it isn’t, then they are not compatible.

The recommended rim width for the 225 is 7.5 to 9 inches. The recommended rim width for the 245 is 8 to 9.5 inches. You will have some overlap making the tires compatible in certain cases.

225/45 R18 vs 245/40 R18

There is not going to be much difference between these two tire examples. The 225 option will be larger than the 245 option but not by much and not in width.

The sidewall height only has a .1 inch difference, 4 to 3.9, and the diameter is only a .3 inch difference, 26 to 25.7 inches. The circumference is an almost 1-inch difference at .9 or 81.6 to 80.7. All are in favor of the 225 tire model.

225 60R18 vs 245 45 R18


The larger middle number indicates which tire will be the biggest of the two. In this case, the 224 is much larger than the 245 in all categories except width. The diameter measures 28.6 to 26.7 inches while the sidewall height is 5.3 to 4.3 inches.

The circumference difference is the largest at 89.9 to 83.8 inches. The 245 only has the revolutions per mile category with a 756 to 705 measurement.

225 55R17 vs 245 50 R17

These two tires are almost the same except for the width. The 245 tire will always be wider than the 225 and it will always be the same amount of difference. The 225 tire wins every other category except revolutions per minute which is 757 to 754 in the 245 tire’s favor.

In the other categories, it is almost a wash as the maximum difference is .3 and that is for circumference. The 225 has a circumference of 84 to 83.7. The diameter difference is 26.7 to 26.6 and the sidewall height differs from 4.9 to 4.8.

Some Final Words

The tires that you buy will depend on what your preference is. If you value mpg over handling, then go for the 225 tire model. If you prefer handling and stability, then go for the 245 model.

The quality of both tires will depend on the brand that made the tires. Stick with the best brands to have the safest driving time.

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