Finding a 2004 Airstream Bambi 16 International CCD (Value)

NADA may not be the best source for value. It seems that their value estimates tend to be on the conservative side and do not factor in regional nuances that drive prices higher or lower than what they suggest. NADA may give you an idea but the actual market will give you a more accurate value reading.

It is a small trailer but it is made by Airstream and this brand of trailers does hold its value. You may find that it is very difficult to find one for sale even if their asking price is $10,000 above the NADA's high retail value. That is set at about $13,000. Expect to pay more when it is in good shape.

To learn more about the value of this trailer just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can find a good Airstream Bambi at a decent price. $20,000+ is not out of the question for a 2004 16-foot model.

What is a 2004 Airstream Bambi Worth?


As you know by now, value is very subjective. What one person considers gold, another sees it as a used fixer-upper. Their value ideas are miles apart. Especially if you are talking with a dealer.

Even dealers have two sets of values for the same trailer. One is for when they are buying, and one is for when they are selling. The retail value of a 2004 16-foot Airstream Bambi International CCD is what you are willing to pay for it.

The reason we say that is that NADA lists the high retail; value at around $13,000 but owners are selling them for between $20,000 and $23,000 and they sell quickly at that price.

We found one used 2004 at RV Trader and it was listed for $40,000. That seems to be a bit high considering that the new 2022 and 2023 models are selling for between $50,000 and $70,000.

What this means is that you will have to search for a bit to find one down in a more realistic price range. Another owner on another used RV website refurbished their trailer so you do not have to. They set their asking price at $36,000 approx.

So you can see there is a vast difference between NADA and actual market values.

Is The Airstream Bambi Worth It?

Airstream comes with a very good reputation. They are known for high-quality construction, top-notch cabinetry, their all-aluminum exterior, and much, much more. They may be considered the Rolls-Royce of RV trailers to some people.

They are also an established company that has a long track record of producing great trailers. All of this means that these trailers, no matter the model series, hold their value.

Plus, they look good. While many people think their Airstream Bambi is worth $40,000 at 18 years of age, the more realistic figure would be in the high teens and low twenty thousand range.

Anything more than that and the owners should have inlaid the interior with gold and silver. $13,000 is a bit low for this make, model, and brand but if you can get one for that price don’t hesitate to buy or it will be gone.

Most owners will tell you their Airstream Bambi, even a 2004 model is worth the asking price.

What is The Size Of The Bed in Airstream Bambi 16?


To give you some perspective, the 2023 16-foot Bambi by Airstream has a bed measuring 48 by 78 inches. They are selling this model for almost $60,000. We looked at the few Bambi ads that list some specs, etc. Before writing this section.

Not one of them listed the bed size in any of their ads. From what our research has shown, the bed size has not changed between 2012 and 2023 and we are concluding that 48 by 78 is the standard bed size for all model years.

The bed covers the back of the trailer in all model years so it stands to reason that this is the size you will get when you buy this model year. You better like crawling into bed as there is no room around the sides for you to slide in nice and easy like.

When you see an ad for this trailer, make sure to ask for the exact measurements of the bed. Some people use queen-size sheets to make it all work for them. Those may be a bit on the large size and a full set of sheets may be on the small size.

Does Airstream Bambi 16 Have a Shower?

The problem with finding out information on the 2004 models is that the Bambi model series is still being made today. Not many websites are interested in talking about the older models and focus on the newer ones.

In looking at the old floor plan, it seems that the 2004 model did come with a wet bath. That means everything got wet inside when you took a shower. We were able to confirm that the bed size was 48 by 78 and has remained that size for almost 20 years.

Also, the 2023 model is equipped with an outdoor shower along with an indoor one. It is placed in a locked outdoor storage locker and is easy to access when you have a key.

It is doubtful that an outdoor shower was included in the older Bambi trailer. The size of the wet bath was barely 24 inches and you would have to upgrade to get a larger bathroom to be more comfortable.

If the size is important to you, the Bambi may not be the right trailer for you as it is for those couples who do not need a lot of space when they travel.

2004 Airstream Bambi 16 Floor Plan


The floor plan for this trailer is fairly basic. There is not much detail as there is not much included inside this trailer. All you have is a basic trailer for those people who only want to have a comfortable space to sleep in.

At the back of the trailer is the 48 by 78-inch bed and there are two hampers. One at the head and one at the foot of the bed. The next to the head of the bed is a closet which is also next to the kitchenette.

The wet bath is next to the foot of the bed, which is also next to the entry door. The floor is made of linoleum if it hasn’t been replaced by now. Then on the tongue side of the trailer, you have the 40 by 74-inch dinette.

You can see outside through the wrap-around windows on the other side of the dinette. Airstream has kept this floor plan and there is really no room to make any changes to it.

If you want a change in floor plan, then you need to upgrade to a 19 or 20-footer, and that is only adding a few thousand to your purchase price.

2004 Airstream Bambi 16 Specs

The one ad we looked at only gave the length, 16 feet, and the weight, 2785 pounds, for this trailer. It is said that you can pull the Bambi with an SUV because it is so light.

There is no mention in any of the ads about the size of holding tanks, if it has any and it should as we see exit valves on the passenger side of the trailer. If the 2023 model is any indication, those holding tanks should be 23 for fresh water, and 30 for gray/black water tank.

The 2002 model came with a 24.5-gallon fresh water and a 21-gallon gray water holding tank and a 21-gallon black water holding tank. Its weight was listed at 3500 pounds which is the same weight listed for the 2023 model.

According to one vintage Airstream trailer website, the specs for the same model of the trailer may vary depending on which plant was making the model at the time. There was a variance between plants so that is why there may be a weight difference between the 2002 and 2004 models.

If you want to look up any pre-1980 Airstream trailer, just click here.

2004 Airstream Bambi Weight


As we have said earlier, there Are not that many websites talking about this model year. There are over 20 years of Bambi trailers being and still being produced so there are a lot of trailers to examine.

It also does not help that Airstream did not make that many changes to the Bambi over the years. The same floor plan used in 2004 is still used in the 2023 16-foot trailer.

In the ads, we are seeing a bit of difference in the total weight. The ones listed for 2004 are under 3000 pounds. We gave you that total earlier as well. Then the weights for the 2002 and the 2023 models are exactly the same at 3500 pounds.

Given the fact that the different manufacturing plants made the specs slightly different, the best we can say is that those weight totals are more of an estimate than a model-wide fact.

Regardless though, whether the trailer weighs 2800 pounds approx. Or 3500 pounds, you do not need a very big vehicle to tow them to where you want to camp.

2004 Bambi Airstream Interior

If kept in its original format, then the best we can say about this interior was that it was a plain Jane. There are no fancy cabinet designs, no unique color schemes, and nothing out of the ordinary for a basic trailer meant for basic camping needs.

It is a simple interior design in the best way possible for such a short length. If you wanted a unique, creative look, you would have to redo the interior to fit what you wanted it to look like.

If you did that, then it is possible the value of the trailer would decrease as not everyone has your tastes. This trailer is basically a step up from tent camping so you are not going to get any frills or special features other trailers get.

When you want hassle-free trailer camping, this is probably the model you want to have no matter the year it was produced.

Finding a 2004 Airstream International CCD 16 Bambi For Sale


From what we understand, the older models of the Bambi Airstream trailer, at 16 feet in length, are very popular. You may find it difficult to see one on sale. We checked several ads on the internet, and either the trailers were sold already or the used RV lots did not have any.

If you can find one in good shape for $20,000 approx., then you should buy it as quickly as possible if it is in good shape. That seems to be a good price for this model year although some owners place a higher asking price on their trailer.

Watch out for some Craigslist scams. Our research has turned up some warnings about supposed owners selling this trailer. They are not real ads and if anyone asks for a deposit before you can see the trailer, move on to the next trailer on your list.

Classified ads, friends or family, and used RV lots will be your best options to find this trailer for sale. You can also check Airstream discussion forums and see what their classified threads have to offer.

But from what we can tell, this trailer sells fast.

Some Final Words

It may be old but Airstream trailers hold their value and come with a great reputation. If you can find a 2004, 16-foot, Bambi for sale then make sure it is in good condition and selling for the right price.

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