The 1985 Fiber Stream Camper Review (Specs and Parts)

Rare makes you unique. When you buy a rare trailer you stand out from the crowd. You look innovative, independent, and adventurous. However, you also place yourself in a difficult position as parts are very hard to come by. 1985 Fiber Streams are great trailers but they are rare.

This may be a bit difficult as no one knows how many of that year’s models were made. We see earlier years’ models up for sale than the 1985 but they can be found if you look in the right places. These trailers are supposed to tow well and owners love them.

To learn more about the Fiber Stream trailer just continue to read our article. It has the information you need if you are looking for a rare, unique travel trailer to enjoy your retirement years. Not everyone needs a huge Class A to camp in.

What Is a Fiber Stream Camper?


The Fiber Stream trailer was a private party’s answer to the many expensive travel trailers being sold from the mainstream manufacturers. It is estimated that at its height, the Fiber Stream company employed 3 people and they spent 11 years making these trailers for those who want economical vacations.

The company started in San Diego and moved 2 times throughout its 11-year history. So far, we have not been able to come up with a specific reason why the company folded. One factor may have been when GM settled a strike that closed the plant that made Fiber Stream’s axle and brake system.

Another reason may be that the inner bearings were a different size than the outer bearings repairing very difficult. But that is a topic for another day. The company made only one model, the 16-foot all-in-one fiberglass body.

It came with a shower, bathroom, a dinette that folded down into a king-size bed, and the usual kitchenette appliances, etc. The trailer was well lit by the large windows next to the dinette/bed and you could cut some of the light down by lowering a colored shield that was placed over the front window.

It is a very good trailer for those couples starting out or wanting to save money throughout their retirement years. This is not a trailer for families as there is no room to sleep more than 2 people.

Fiber Stream Trailer Specs

Fortunately, people still own and love this unique and rare trailer. They have posted the specs for the 1985 model on their website which is very helpful. The specs for the 1985 should apply to all production years as the company only made one model throughout its brief run.

The trailer is 16 feet long and is said to weigh 1740 pounds. Some people have said in a fiberglass trailer forum that the weight was 1600 pounds and then added another 1000 when fully loaded. You would have to weigh your trailer for a specific weight.

The overall width is 80 inches or 6 feet 8 inches and the smart move by the company was placing the frame over dual 480 x 12 axles. Those axles were equipped with electric brakes for easier stopping.

In addition to those numbers, the trailer held a 15-gallon freshwater tank and a 6-gallon water heater. There is no mention of a gray or black water tank. On top of this, there is 15-inch ground clearance, 140-pound tongue weight, and 6 feet 4 inches of headroom inside the trailer.

Then the access door is near the rear of the trailer next to the closet. The bathroom, shower, and closet take up the rear space and there is a small window in the shower area.

This is a comfortable trailer for those people who do not need a lot of luxury in their lives.

Fibrestream Bathroom


One reason many owners bought their Fiber Stream trailer is that it came with a bathroom. However, some owners make renovations and remove the bathroom to get extra space for something else. Others have removed the black water tank and installed a composite toilet inside the bathroom.

The bathroom in the original design was split in two. The one-room held a toilet only and there are no specs on the size of that room. The second room was 31 y 31 inches in size making it difficult for larger people to use the shower.

The bathroom setup is what made this trailer so attractive. Unfortunately, we cannot find out any information on the size of the black water tank. there is one and one couple who has spent over 2 years living in one only mentioned that they took it out in favor of a composite toilet.

The bathroom is also very basic, there are no frills inside. It is a must-have feature though if you do not like using public or portable toilets.

What Is a 1985 Fiber Stream Trailer Worth

This is going to be determined by the condition of the trailer. Although rare, to get a high value out of the trailer, it still needs to be in top condition. We have seen prices at all different levels but the lowest prices were reserved for projects or in bad condition Fiber Streams.

Then, there are not too many of this year’s models for sale right now so you may still be able to bump up the price a little bit. A 1978 is on sale for $4000 but other trailers have been advertised at lower prices.

A 1984 model is or was being sold for $3800 so the price you will get for yours will depend on the condition and what prospective buyers are willing to pay. One person was willing to travel from BC, Canada to Southern Idaho to buy a Fiber Stream so you may get lucky and get a very motivated buyer willing to pay your asking price.

1985 16' Fiber Stream Camper


This is a very quaint and compact trailer. The best feature is the king-size bed as well as the built-in rooftop air conditioning unit. The original advertising said that this was a trailer designed by a woman for women.

How true that is is up to the women who own this trailer and if they find it well organized and comfortable. Inside, the kitchenette had a dual sink, small countertop, and a two-burner stove that made cooking very enjoyable.

Cupboard space above and below the kitchenette was minimal but adequate. A small fridge kept vital food products nice and cool. It was located next to the entry door. Above the dinette seats were overhead cabinets adding to the small amount of storage space you get with any 16-foot trailer.

The problem with this design though is that it was made for only one or two people. There is no extra room for more beds for children. You could fit a dog or a cat inside but that would be the limit to the number of passengers that could sleep inside this trailer.

When it is just the two of you and you do not want to tow big heavy trailers, this Fiber Stream was your ticket for great adventures.

Finding a Fiber Stream Camper For Sale

From what we have been able to find out one of the best places to find one of these trailers for sale is at this link. It is a Fiber Stream discussion thread and many owners post their trailer for sale there

That is just the start. You can try other RV forums that have a classified ads section in their discussion forums. If you are not finding what you want at those locations, you can try different online classified ads websites.

You would have to be quick though, as the ads we checked did not exist. That meant the trailers may have sold very quickly. Craigslist was the same as the ads on that website also disappeared fairly quickly.

You can also check your local classified ads newspapers that are often offered for free near traditional newspaper machines or your supermarket. There may be ads in there.

The thing to keep in mind is that these trailers are rare and no one knows how many were made. Also, many are sold as projects, which means that you need to do some additional work, spend some more money, and take the time to get them ready for their next trip.

Be careful as some owners who renovate their Fiber Streams ask a high price for their trailer. We saw one ad asking for $15,000. It may be cheaper to buy a project trailer and fix it up yourself. Another renovated trailer was being sold for just under $10,000.

Fiber Stream Trailers As a Project


It has been over 35 years since the company stopped production of these trailers. Some have been kept in great shape by their owners while others have been left to deteriorate by other owners.

If you have the time and the money, buying the latter trailer may be a feasible idea as they are not that hard to renovate. Some people have saved weight by removing the original toilet and black water tank and installing a composite toilet.

There is a lot of room for innovation and creativity when you buy a Fiber Stream that needs a little work. The problem is that once you start fixing one area, you will see that underneath the cabinets, etc., there may be more issues you have to deal with.

One owner needed to replace the original water heater only to find out that the flooring underneath the water heater had rotted away. That flooring needed to be replaced as well.

When you take on a project, be prepared to fix or replace more than you intended. The damage may not be seen initially and always add at least 10% to your budget to cover these surprises.

With that said, people have done some great restoration work and made this trailer look great on the inside. These are doable projects that may help the resale value when you need to sell.

Finding Fiber Stream Trailer Parts


This may be a more difficult task as the number of trailers made by this company is not known. You can start looking for unusable Fiber Stream trailers for sale that exist only to serve those who do need parts.

Not all the parts will be usable though and you need to double-check to see if the ones you want are still working. Junkyards are another place to look as some Fiber Stream trailers are totaled in accidents and sent to those locations.

Scour the classified ads as you never know who may be selling their trailer and you might get a good deal. Plus, you may get some working fridges, hot water heaters, and air conditioners when looking at used trailers for sale.

Another place to check, but not a sure thing, are the many RV trailer parts stores that sell vintage trailer parts. A good online search should turn up a few of these businesses and they may help you get on the right path to locating important parts for your Fiber Stream.

Some Final Words

This trailer seems to have found a home in many people’s hearts. One website put it on their list of 7 discontinued RV trailers list as they want to see it return. It is a good trailer for childless couples or retirees.

It is not fancy, luxurious, or contains a lot of features but it is practical, comfortable, and easy to tow. Many owners love their Fiber Stream and use them all the time even though they are over 40 years old in most cases.

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