Difference Between 1141 and 1156 Bulb: Are They the Same?

What is in a light bulb can illuminate your RV in a variety of ways. When the sun goes down you need the right light bulb in the right socket to make sure you can see everything you need to do clearly. The differences in light bulbs may surprise you

Difference Between 1141 and 1156 Bulb: Even though they may work in the same socket, there are differences in the 1141 and the 1156 light bulb. One difference is the latter light bulb is brighter than the former. Another is that the 1156 uses 19 watts while the 1141 uses only 18.

To learn all about the differences between these two light bulbs, just keep reading our article. While the differences may be minor, some of the damage to your RV may not be if you use the 1156 over the 1141.

Are 1141 and 1156 Bulbs the Same?

Having the same socket size connector does not make the bulbs the same. All that means is that the manufacturer can save money by not installing different light sockets in your RV.

The performance of both bulbs is different and each one has a different duty to perform. In cases where the light socket is close to plastic parts, those parts may melt if you use the hotter 1156 over the 1141.

Their physical size may have you thinking they are the same bulb but once you look at the technical specs for each, you will see that the difference comes in their construction and use of electricity.

Different light bulbs need to fit into similar sockets and fill similar spaces, That makes their physical design similar but that does not make them the same light bulb

Difference Between 1141 and 1156 Bulb

Not all light bulbs are the same even though they can do the same job, look the same and fit into the same socket. When you look at the technical details each light bulb is built to meet, you will see the difference between them quite clearly.

The difference comes in the element of each light bulb and their technical make up. Here are the technical specs to help illuminate the differences between both bulbs:

  • 1. 1141 Headlight, Spot Single Element/1-Contact, 12 Volt, 21 Candle power, Standard size 2-pin base, 1 15/16"
  • 2. 1156 Bright Bulb, 12 Volt, 35W, Single Element, light blue glass, bright white light, Standard size 2-pin base, 1 15/16" tall.
  • 3. The 1156 is a 12v 2.1 amp 26.9 watts unit with 1200 hrs life
  • 4. The 1141 is 12v, 1.44amp and 18.4 watts with 500 hrs life
  • 5. The 1156 will produce more heat than the 1141

Both light bulbs us an S8 glass envelope making them look like they are the same but with the heat output difference the 1156 may melt lens covers etc.

Light Bulb 1141 vs 1156 Base

The base for the 1141 and the 1156 are exactly the same. The reason for this is to make sure the different light bulbs can be interchangeable when you want to brighten or dull your tail lights or headlights.

While there are some technical differences of opinion about watts used and lifetime hours, you can replace the 1141 with the 1156 and not have to worry about lighting. Because the 1156 is brighter and hotter you may have to worry about the damage done to your RV tail light lens cover.

If you want to be more visible on the road, you may want to use the 1156 over the 1141 because it gives off about 402 lumens compared to 259 by the 1141. The candela is also more powerful as the 1156 sends out 32 while the 1141 produces only 21.

The base of each light bulb does not reflect on performance nor guarantees long lifespans. They are the same so you have lighting options available. One thing you should be aware of is that while it was previously stated that the 1156 uses only 19 watts of power, it may actually use up to 27 watts.

It will depend on which chart you believe.

1141 Bulb Equivalent

There are several light bulbs you can use as an 1141 equivalent. They all have the same basic design so you can fit these replacements in the 1141 socket with ease. The different numbered light bulbs that can be used to replace the 1141 are the 2099 and the 1156.

You may also find that the BA 15, 93, 1073 and the 1295 work just as well when you can’t find a 1141 in stock. This link should help you find equivalent light bulbs that work in replacing your burnt out or malfunctioning 1141.

Or you can ask your lighting specialist which is the best light bulb to use when you can’t find an 1141 in stock.

Best 1156 Led Bulb for RV

There are a lot of good 1156 light bulb manufacturers out there working hard to produce top quality 1156 light bulbs for your use. Some of them are- Bonlux, Bonbeat and Asin.

You can also check out Yintatech, Autosavers, Hotsystem, Katur and Luyed. All of these manufacturers create great light bulbs for your RV. An honorable mention is Cutequeen whose light bulbs give off up to 1350 lumens at a time.

There is no shortage of top quality 1156 light bulbs. You should be able to replace your lower lighting light bulbs with an 1156 with ease.

Some Final Words

Light bulbs do come in all shapes and sizes. They all have different tasks to perform and need to be placed in the right socket to get the best results. But many of these light bulbs look the same and can use the same electrical light socket.

This similarity is done for your convenience and to give you lighting options you may not have if all light bulbs were created equal. The 1141 and the 1156 fall into this category. If one is out of stock, you can replace it with the other and not lose much in terms of light output or performance.

To make sure you are getting the right light bulb without risking damage to your RV, check the technical specs before you buy and see if the light bulb performance will not harm your RV while giving you maximum light.

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