Finding 10 05171A Replacement (How to Install RV Slide Skis)

Different parts need help when doing their job. However, not every part can be lubricated to make their job easier. Sometimes you need to find another way to make sure parts slide the way they are supposed to without causing damage. Skis can be the answer.

Sometimes it is best to use the words and not the part number. Use the term RV skis and you will find lots of results. Use the part number and you will be sent everywhere but the solution. Replacing these skis takes about 1 1/2 hours and you just slide them out and back into position.

To learn more about RV slide-out skis just continue to read our article. these seem to be a handy part to add to your RV’s slide-out so you can prevent damage to your floors. Take a few minutes to find out all about them.

How do Slide-Out Skis Work?


These are a simple part with a simple operation. Once installed, they act as solid lubrication for your slide out. They help the slide-out move easier and make sure the rollers and other parts do not damage your flooring.

They are not hard to install and once they are in place they also act as a barrier so your RV’s floors do not get worn out by the constant sliding. In some cases, this part looks like snow skis or was inspired by them as they do have an angled tip on one end.

What makes them good at their job is that they are made from tough synthetic materials that resist wear and tear. If they are treated right, these parts should last a long time.

Their main purpose is to reduce friction, sticking and grinding and help your slide-out get in and out of position quickly.

RV Slide Out Skids Problems

For most RV owners who use their slide-outs often, they could start to see that their skids are not working properly. This problem is due to routine wear and tear. The sliding actually does take its toll on a slide-out and the result is a slow or non-working slide out.

The cause of this problem is friction and heat. As the slide-out moves in and out any friction causes heat and other problems which damage the skids. One way to solve this issue is to install some skis.

These parts will help reduce that friction and heat build-up delaying any damage to your slide out for some time under normal use. Then, while the skis are made from tough materials, they can break down as well.

When that happens, a lot of water gets in where it is not supposed to go and causes damage to any flooring material you may have. You have to check your skis from time to time to make sure they are in top shape and not contributing to your problems.

The repair is simple when they do break down but this task is not a one-man job. You will need help replacing them.

Finding RV Slide-Out Ski Replacements


Like finding other parts or accessories, this is not going to be a difficult task to perform. This part can be found just about anywhere RV parts and accessories are sold. One online outlet just announced that this part was now added to their lineup.

They are getting popular. You can find them on Amazon but using their name RV slide-out skis or RV skis or even outside trim may help your search. The biggest problem you will face will be their cost. We have not seen any options that were priced under $55.

Some went for a lot more than that even though they are small and made from synthetic materials. It would be cheaper to buy them in a pack of 10 than individually. Talk to your local RV parts and accessory dealer to see what they can do for you.

10 05171A

If you have a problem with this part, you may be surprised when the dealer tells you that it is not covered under your warranty. You will have to pay for the replacement yourself and that cost may range depending on your dealer.

Tat part number may be specific to Rockwood RV models or it may be the part number for all of Forest River brands. We do not see it come up in any searches except on the Forest river forums.

Another part number you may be able to use is 028102D-10. It is the part number for a different company but it may fit your RV as it comes in a universal size. A similar part number would be 028102D-AFT.

The number seems to change depending on the outlet selling the part. Amazon has some on sale but the main one is out of stick at the moment. It was listed under RecPro RV slide-out ski.

Recpro RV Slide-Out Ski Set

Recpro-RV -lide-Out-Ski-Set

This is a ski that is made from tough synthetic materials that are designed to prevent scratching of wood or linoleum floors. Plus, it helps reduce friction, sticking and grinding. Right now it is unavailable on Amazon but you can find this product elsewhere.

Right now you can get it directly from RecPro and their SKU RP-1183-BT &

UPC:193652043799 are the numbers you should use when contacting them. The cost is almost $75 for the set and the parts are 46 by 2 1/2 inches in size.

If that is too large for your RV, then this product is easy to trim to size. Just be careful not to cut off too much. Each set will have 2 skis only. They are for each side of the slide-out.

This company seems to have the cheapest price among its competitors. The next lowest price we saw was $81. The pack of 10 we saw costs over double that amount but you would end up with spares in case you made a mistake.

How To Install RV Slide Skis

As we said earlier, this will be a two-man job as one man will have to do some prying while the other man will have to do the removal and installation. The first step is to open your slider almost all the way. This will give you access to the skis and make removal and installation easier.

The next step is to jack up the outside of your slide, starting with one side and then doing the other. You just need to jack up high enough to take the pressure off the skis. Step three will have you take a crowbar and lift up the outside where the skis rest.

The good news is that the skis are not nailed or screwed into place. Once you pry up the outside, the skis should slide right out. After one is out, replace it immediately with the new one. Then go do the other side.

There is no point in doing one side only even if the other side is not damaged. You are not saving yourself any time or money if you let the old one remain. You are just setting yourself up for more work later on.

If the piece you bought is too long, you are free to trim it to size so you have the perfect fit. Just to remind you, be careful about not cutting off too much

DIY RV Slide-Out Skis


We did not find anyone talking about his personal DIY design for this part. because of the nature of the location and where it goes, over wood, etc., it would be hard to fashion your own ski and install it safely.

Some owners have removed the metal piece and replaced it with 4” Eternabond material. This was to prevent water from rotting out the wood sub-flooring or flooring material.

Then an owner felt that the two-sided tape held more water in the ski than it kept out. You may have to play your repair by ear and fix up your own solution to keep water away from the slide-out or other RV floor.

This area is a hard spot to keep dry so you may not be as successful as you thought. Only time will tell you if you were or not.

Some Final Words

This is a small part but it plays an important role in keeping your RV and slide-out areas in good shape. That may be why they are so expensive to buy. But they are essential to have if you do not want your floor scratched or damage done to your slide.

Installation is not that hard, you just have to follow the steps and make sure you have help. The total replacement time may reach 1 1/2 hours, which isn’t bad when compared to other repairs. You can trim them easily to make them fit.

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