How to Adjust RV Slide Out (Rollers, Cables, Height, more..)

Slide outs are great. In a crowded RV they can be a life saver and keep the kids from tearing each other apart. While they only add a few more square feet to your RV space, that may be enough to give all your kids the room they need to live peaceably with each Just make sure to make the right adjustments to maintain that peace.

How to Adjust RV Slide Out: One of the simplest and cheapest ways to adjust your slide out cable is to look for debris that is blocking the path of the cables or the rails. You should look for bent pieces of metal and other objects as well.

To learn how to make adjustments to the hydraulic or electric slide out mechanisms on your RV, just continue to read our article. We go through the answers, so you do not have to waste time looking for help.

How to Adjust RV Slide Out

There are about 8 or 9 companies that make the slide out hardware and slide systems for RV manufacturers, it is possible that each one has their own way of making adjustments. That is true for the Accu-Slide slide out and they have a service manual to help you make your adjustments.

The best information we can give you here is to read your particular service manual and follow their instructions. If that doesn’t help, you should contact a qualified tech to help you get the adjustment done. The Lippert service manual is found here.

RV Slide Out Height Adjustment

There are some conflicting reports about this problem. Some experienced RV owners have stated that the height adjustment is not adjustable. In fact, they have gone as far as to say that there are no qualified techs who can handle the task.

Yet, we know of other RV owners who have done it themselves by using thin, ¼ inch, aluminum flat bar and raise the height of their slide out so it does not damage your floors. This may be a case where you have to go to the manufacturer or their dealers to get the slide height adjusted correctly.

To seal some gaps in the Lippert system, you have to turn both nut B and C to get the gap closed and the seal tighter. There are a few with up and down adjustment nuts but little is available to adjust the tilt.

How to get RV Slide Back on Track

One of the easiest ways to do this, and you can do this yourself if you want, is to go to the motor. If you are having trouble with your slide being misaligned or not moving along the rails like they should, the problem may be in your slide out motor or motors.

Once you get the motor casing door off, you will see some bolts, and wiring. If the bolts are loose, all you have to do is tighten them up and refill the lubricant chamber to get the slide out sliding on the rails correctly.

Also, you may see some loose wire connections. Re-tighten those and you should be good to go. Just make sure to use the correct lubricant when you go to oil your slides and rails.

Adjust RV Slide Cables

There are three main slide out mechanisms in use in RVs today. One is hydraulic, the second is electric and the third is cable. There are rare occasions where these cables will be stretched and taken out of alignment.

On the Accu-slide system there is a sticker with all the instructions you need. The cable connectors listed on that sticker are color coded to make everything easy. Read all the information first before starting your adjustment.

The key to this adjustment is to make sure you mark the original position of the nut and count your turns. A permanent marker will help you with this but there is one little drawback.

You may not be able to make the adjustment yourself. You will need the help of a good experienced friend or take your RV to a qualified repair shop. Keep in mind that some cable systems will have their motor and cable works located at the bottom and not at the top of the slide.

Adjusting RV Slide Out Rollers

This may be a difficult location to find and work on. For some RVs, the rollers are under your kitchen cabinets for Kitchen slide outs. You have to remove the trash bin to get to the floor where the rollers are.

If you slide the section about 2/3 of the way out, then you can get better access and use a 2 by 6 to give you the lift you need to work. A mirror may be needed to help you look at the roller and lubricate it correctly. Then shave about a 1/16 off the bottom of the cabinet to give your rollers more room to work.

The thing to remember here is that the rollers on your slide outs may not have an adjustment nut to work with.

Adjusting Hydraulic RV Slide Outs

For a horizontal adjustment on the Lippert system, you need to locate both A bolts and loosen them. You may need a pry or crow bar to help you move the rails as you loosen the two bolts.

Because there are about 8 or 9 companies that make these slide out systems, each one may be different, and you should consult either your owner’s manual for guidance or go to a reputable RV repair shop and have them make the adjustment for you.

Some Final Words

RV slide out systems are not always made with easy to do adjustment mechanisms. You may need the help of an experienced mechanic friend or go to a dealer or RV repair shop and let their service techs handle the issue for you.

If you are a good mechanic yourself, you may be able to jerry rig an adjustment as long as it does not interfere with the overall operation of the slide out.

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