Goodyear G614 vs Endurance (Reviews, Specs, Helpful Guide)

The right tire will get you down the road and back again, maybe several times. It is important to find the best tire for your travel trailers as blowouts can be expensive and you do not want to damage your travel trailer when you are far from home.

Some owners have called the G614 the gold standard for trailer tires. They are G-rated which is great for heavier trailers. The Endurance option has a good reputation but they are only E-rated and some people do not like that rating for trailers.

To learn more about this topic and which tire is better for your travels, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can make the best purchase decision for your RV life.

Goodyear G614 vs Endurance


It seems that Goodyear has reclassified some of its tires. There are some LT-rated tires now being rated as an ST tires. The LT stands for light truck and the ST for specialty trailer and Endurance was in this category.

The G614 is an ST tire while the Endurance was an LT now an ST tire. The Endurance seems to hold as much weight as the G614s without any problems. That is important as that performance makes them equal to the G614.

We have seen nothing but good reviews about the Endurance tire, so far. This does not mean the G614s are bad tires. They are still good and properly rated for trailers, especially heavier ones.

The advantage that the 614s may have over the Endurance is that they are re-groovable and re-capable. The trouble you would have with this option is finding someone who would be willing to do these tasks for you.

The G614s may flatten out and ruin the inside tread faster if you overload your trailer. A dual axle at 6,000 pounds per axle has been known to do this. Both tires come with sterling reputations based on experience

Where Are Goodyear G614 Tires Made?

We know that the Endurance tires are made in America. The websites that we checked do not go into which specific tire is made where but they do state that Goodyear has been returning to an all-American production system for its tire lineup.

Only Goodyear-approved tire manufacturing outlets can make Goodyear tires. The company has 48 plants in 21 countries but not all of them are approved to make Goodyear tires. Most Goodyear tires are made in America.

That may include the G614 but to make sure you need to check the side walls to be sure. Here is some information to help you determine where these tires are made:

DOT Code Location
MB Akron, Ohio
DA Tonawanda, New York
M6 Lawton, Oklahoma
MC Danville, Virginia
MJ Topeka, Kansas
PJ Fayetteville, North Carolina
MD Gadsden, Alabama

** source for this information is at

Also, Goodyear bought out its competitor Cooper Tire for $2.8 billion. They wanted to expand their American-made strategy as well as keep an affordable tire outlet.

Then the only tires we good find that was made in America were listed generically and not specifically. Here is their American tire lineup:

Motorcycle tires

Truck tires

Car tires

Aircraft tires

OTR tires

Commercial tires

Consumer tires

Goodyear G614 Specs


The following information is a limited specs listing- G614 in dual mode

Capacity 3,750 LBS @ 110 PSI but there is more to this tire than just air pressure and how many pounds it can move.

Here is one model of the G614 and all the detailed specs you can ask for:

Size Diameter Width Rim Range Measured Rim Tread Depth

LT235/85R16 31.7" 9.3” 6 to 7.5 6.5”

126Q G BSW

Tread Depth Load Range Max Load Max psi Max Speed

12/32” G 3750 pounds 80 psi 99 mph

Weight Sidewall Letters Revs/Mile

NA Black 656

You may have to do some searching for different-sized tires and their specs. This is posted here as a sample to get you on the right track. The G rating is the same as we came across in our research for trailer tires.

You will see a difference in the psi in the two specs we posted here. We are not sure about the discrepancy but talk to an experienced tire shop that has knowledge of the right amount of psi for this tire option.

Goodyear G614 Reviews


On Amazon, the good reviews (4 & 5 stars) outnumbered the bad reviews 86% to 14%. One of the bad reviews was due to being shipped the wrong rated tire. Their words had nothing to do with t e performance of this tire.

One of the 5-star reviews that we read said that after 27,000 and 20,000 miles of use, the tires showed very little wear. That is good news if you like to travel long distances.

Another owner said he got 120,000 miles out of his G614s. Hard to verify but those were his words. Most reviewers noticed a big difference between Goodyear and the Chinese-made tires some RV companies put on their trailers.

Other owners like the G614s because they are a good heavy-duty tire that performs up to expectations that come with the price. This supports a third owner’s opinion that the G614s are the gold standard when it comes to trailer tires.

We did not see one review that said that they were junk but we will check again. Only one 2-star review mentioned the performance was terrible. But they drove on gravel roads which may have been the reason for their short life.

Then the 1-star ratings were mostly about shipping issues and receiving the wrong rated tire or only getting one when they ordered 4 tires. Your experience may be different and you already know that products made in this lifetime are not going to be perfect.

Goodyear G614 Tire Warranty


It seems that the G614s comes with a 5-year warranty from the date of purchase. If you have no receipt, the date of manufacture will be used to determine if the tire is still under warranty. Or if the tread wear indicators become visible.

If there is weather cracking, then you get an extra two years of coverage or when the treadwear indicators become visible. The company has put out a 24-page booklet and you can read it at this link. But first, we will quote a couple of important pieces of information. They come from page 19 of that booklet:

Who is eligible for coverage

-You are eligible for the benefits of this limited warranty if you meet all the following criteria:

- You are the owner or authorized agent of the owner of new Goodyear G670 RV®, G614 RST®,

Marathon® and/or Wrangler® SilentArmor® tires.

- Your tires bear Department of Transportation (D.O.T.) prescribed tire identification numbers and are not branded “NA” (Not Adjustable).

- Your Goodyear tires have been used only on the vehicle on which they were originally installed according to the vehicle manufacturer’s or Goodyear’s recommendations.

- Your tires were purchased on or after March 1, 2004”

Pro-rated Tire Replacement – Goodyear tires not eligible for a no-charge replacement that becomes unserviceable due to a covered warranty condition will be replaced on a prorated basis. You are responsible for mounting, balancing, any additional services you order at the time of adjustment, as well as any taxes and government-mandated charges.”

You should download and read this booklet if you have or are thinking about getting this tire for your trailers. There is an equation on the same page that tells you how the company calculates their pro-rated policy

What is The Speed Rating Of Goodyear Endurance Trailer Tires?

The speed rating chart goes from the letter L to the letter Z with L being the lowest speed setting you can go. The speed rating on the Endurance will depend on which letter they get in their tire code.

If the tire is rated L then the maximum speed you can go will be 75 mph. That letter is for light trucks and off-road vehicles. The Endurance is rated as an LT tire so the fastest you can go would be 75.

If you want to see the chart, just click on this link. To see the specs for several Endurance tire models, click on this link.

Some Final Words

There are cheaper tires you can buy but most owners call the Chinese brands China or time bombs. The cheaper tires may save you money initially but not over the long run. The

The better-made tires can last a long time as one owner reported he got 120,000 miles out of his G614s. If you can afford them, go with the Goodyear brand as those tires are American-made, for the most part, and they are very good tires.

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