Goodyear Endurance ST225/75R15 Reviews (Trailer Tires Review)

When everyone speaks well of a product then you may think there is a catch. Not everyone speaks well of this tire but from the reviews, it seems it is a great option to place on your trailer. Just make sure to get the ST letter to make sure you are getting trailer tires.

In the Amazon review section for this tire, it was running 92% at 5-stars, 5% for 4-stars, and 1% for the other 3 categories. Just about everywhere we look this tire has great reviews and promises to buy again or next time they need tires.

To learn more about this tire, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can pick up one of the best sets of tires possible. Goodyear is one of the best tire leaders in the world. Their products speak for themselves.

How Good Are Goodyear Endurance Trailer Tires?


If you believe the reviews, these seem to be miracle tires. Owners pick up at least 1 mpg, they provide a very smooth ride, and no one seems to have trouble with them.

This is a tire specifically made for trailers, toy haulers, and campers and the company uses Kevlar technology to make them the safest tire possible. Plus, they are durable, provide great traction, provide optimum braking, and more.

The downside to these tires is that they can be a bit noisy, may not come with a warranty (winter tires), and they can be expensive. But with that extra technology, you should expect to pay more.

When you put these tires on your trailer, you should not hear any noise. Then if you do not travel during the winter, you won’t need to worry about the lack of warranty coverage.

How Long do Goodyear Endurance Trailer Tires Last?

The ideal lifespan is about 3 to 4 years. You may get more time out of them if you are only a part-time RVer. There is any number of issues that may arise that cuts that lifespan down a bit.

Those issues can be too much weight, rough driving habits, rougher roads that you travel, and so on. Under normal conditions, you should get anywhere between 175,000 to 210,000 miles on them before they need to be replaced.

Again, if you do not drive a lot, those tires can last you a long time. Just make sure to keep up the maintenance, do not under or over inflate them, keep them aligned and watch how you store your trailer.

Poor storage conditions can allow the sun’s UV rays to weaken these tires. In winter, it is best to remove the tires and store them inside somewhere.

What Ply Are Goodyear Endurance Trailer Tires?

These tires are said to be 10-ply and their load range is rated at E. We have also seen D-rated options for this tire. Plus, you can travel up to 87 mph (N) once they are on your trailer.

The maximum inflation rate is 80 psi and as you know, maximum means you can put a little less air in them without damaging them. Also, their maximum load is rated at 3420 per tire which means they will work for a trailer weighing up to 6500 pounds fully loaded.

With the amount of ply and high-speed rating, you should not have to worry about any surprises as you travel. Most owners that have these tires were very satisfied with their performance and safety record.

You may pay more but there are fewer problems with this tire than other alternative tire brands.

Are Goodyear Endurance Trailer Tires Directional?


No, they do not seem to be directional tires. A directional tire means that is designed to provide its best performance in one direction only. To tell if a tire is directional, you have to find a V pattern using the lateral grooves in the tread.

We looked at the tread design of these tires and we did not spot a V shape anywhere and the lateral grooves are off center from each other and go in several directions.

When you mount these tires, they need to be placed in such a way that you get the full benefit of their directional design. This may take a little practice mastering as you should take the tires off and remount them in the right direction. That is if you mounted them wrong.

Are Goodyear Endurance Trailer Tires Made In The USA?

Goodyear decided to make this tire in America. They wanted to make sure their tire was one of the best possible and instead of shipping production to China, they kept manufacturing in the US.

What makes them so special is that the company has decided to put a special liner inside the tire to help prevent any air loss. These tires are also compatible with tire pressure monitoring systems. These systems help drivers track the condition of their tires.

Like most tires made these days, these are radial tires with steel belts inside. This is unique as many people feel that steel belted radials are wasted on a trailer. But according to some of the owners, we have read, that is a myth.

That design helps these trailer tires last a lot longer than other trailer tires. About the only way you will be convinced about how good these tires are is if you bought a set and used them on your trailer.

Where are Goodyear Endurance Trailer Tires Made?

We have checked the Goodyear website and other tire websites and there is no specific information on where they are made. The company simply made an announcement in 2017 that they are making the only radial special trailer tire in this country (America).

Later on in that announcement, the information given is that it has 48 facilities in 21 countries but they do not say which facility in America is handling the production.

Discussion forum members would rather talk about the results they got once they put those tires on their trailer than where those good quality tires are made. Most owners we have read are very impressed with their results.

Prices have gone up since 2017. The tires cost $109 back then and now sell for roughly $137 today. Of course, your cost will depend on where you buy your tires at.

We do not see any negative comments as you would see with China-made brands.

Goodyear Endurance Problems


There seem to be 4 hidden problems no one is talking about. The first is noise. These tires seem to not be quiet but when they are on the back of your trailer, you may not hear them.

The second hidden problem is winter wear. Some people are reporting that these tires do not hold up well in the cold weather. Wet road conditions seem to cut their traction down a bit.

A third potential hidden problem would be air pressure. There are reports that the tires will lose air as you drive. You are being told that you have to constantly inflate those tires.

A last hidden problem is instability. You may experience some sway with these tires but that may be due to bad mounting or no alignment. We have seen other websites mentioning three of these problems (winter is excluded) and there may be some truth to those comments.

However, not one person that owns these tires has said anything about any of these problems. There may be some but the general consensus is that those problems did not happen to them.

Goodyear Endurance ST225/75R15 Specs

Service description- 117N; Load range- E; measured rim width- 6; New tire width- 8.78; Overall diameter- 28.31; Approved rims- 6J, 6.5J, 7J; max. PSI- 80; tread depth- 8/32nds; Tread width- 6.7; Revolutions per mile- 735; maximum load weight- 2830.

The company makes 6 other ST Endurance tires and they will have their own specs. We took these figures directly from the Goodyear website. You can see all the specs at this link but you need to click on the link under or in the image for Endurance tires.

Endurance ST225/75R15 Tire Pressure

The maximum air pressure you can put inside these tires is 80 PSI. That should give you a little leeway when your trailer is maxed out weight-wise. Here are some features are also taken from the Goodyear website:

- Optimized Tread Depth and Decoupling Groove help the tire to remain cool while towing heavy loads

- Scuff Guard helps provide sidewall protection

- Specialized Inner Liner minimizes air loss in trailer applications because of 100% halobutyl rubber

- Rugged Fabric-steel Construction offers improved durability and carrying capacity while remaining compatible with tire pressure monitoring systems and typical tire inflation stations

- Durawall® Technology helps resist cuts and punctures to sidewalls

Goodyear Endurance ST225/75R15 Speed Rating


The speed rating is important to know as it gives you the maximum mph you can drive when towing your trailer. These tires are rated fairly high which has impressed many owners.

Tire companies use letters and the speed rating for this model of the tire is N. That translates into 87 mph. Some people have listed the speed rating for this tire at 81 but they may be a bit on the conservative side of things.

You will find the speed rating on the sidewall of the tire along with all the other codes tire companies use. Once you find the code, you need to look up the chart. One chart can be found at this link.

Endurance ST225/75R15 Load Chart

The load chart for this model of the tire is found at the Goodyear link we provided earlier. There are 7 tires in this model series and they either have a D or an E rating.

Those ratings translate into 2040 to 2200 pounds for the D and 2830 to 4080 for the E rating. The size of the tire will have something to do with the load rating for each model in this series.

You may find a number and a letter next to each other. Those are your load ratings and they are located next to the tire size. The charts we have seen do not list the letter just the number in the index.

Our Goodyear Endurance Trailer Tire Review

These tires are from a well-known brand that has been making tires for about 120 years now. The company knows what it is doing in regards to tires and they seem to have hit a home run with the Endurance model series.

This is a tire made specifically for trailers which is a good thing. You know that they are strong enough to handle the loads you put in your trailer and the speeds you drive at.

The Kevlar technology makes them a tough tire to ruin. You will have trouble getting a flat and from all reports, these tires provide great handling and a smooth ride. They are said to raise your MPG up a little bit and that is always a good thing.

Who Sells Goodyear Endurance Trailer Tires?


Since this is an American company, you will find Goodyear tires just about anywhere in the country. How many they have of this tire in stock is another question that we cannot answer for you.

Our search turned up a variety of tire outlets and if they are not close to you, Amazon has them listed. However, you won’t find them at Costco. You should get them at any Goodyear tire center as well.

Some Final Words

Good tires seem harder and harder to find. The market has changed so much that many tire companies make their tires in China. Plus, the true Chinese brands are not that good but they are cheap.

You may not find too many places that sell these expensive tires. Contact Goodyear if you are having a problem, their website has a dealer finder and they list over 2000 dealers. You should have no trouble finding the Endurance tires.

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