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2.7 Towing: What Size Travel Trailer Can a 2.7 EcoBoost Tow?

Some people like the 2.7 eco boost while others think that if you are going to be towing heavy weights on a regular basis, you need to upgrade to the 3.5 with the towing package. However, the 2.7 seems

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Towing With a Ford 6.2 Gas Engine (What You Need to Know)

Newbies to RV life worry too much about engine size, HP, or torque when it comes to towing. But factory specs are fine with towing capacities. Just make sure the engine you have fits your vehicle and delivers

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How to Make a Swivel Wheel Trailer (Plans, Kits, Assembly)

Adding a swivel wheel trailer is not always adding a second trailer. In some states that do not allow double tows, they classify these additions as extensions. This classification makes them street legal

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2005-Toyota-Tacoma-V6-Towing-Capacity -4-4-Cyl-Double-Cab

2005 Toyota Tacoma V6 Towing Capacity (4×4, 4 Cyl, Double Cab)

When you are looking at different trailers to buy, towing is up to the tow vehicle. If the trailer is too heavy for your vehicle, then you have to set your sights on something lighter or change your tow

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2005-2015 Scion xB Towing Capacity: Can an xB Tow a Trailer?

The original versions of the Scion xB may not have a great towing reputation. But as the years went on, Toyota made improvements so that this car could tow at least 1000 pounds and carry extra gear and

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2008-2016 Town and Country Towing Capacity Chart and Guide

Trailers can be fun to live in. You get to go almost anywhere you want and have a little luxury along for the ride. Plus, they save on hotel and other costs. the only problem is that your vehicle may not

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Pull Adapter: Can You Pull a Fifth Wheel With a Bumper Hitch?

Some people have converted a bumper pull to a 5th wheel pull and stayed on the right side of the law. The reverse may or may not be legal in many states. It may be easier to convert a bumper pull to a

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How-Much-Can-a -Transit-Connect-Tow-Towing-Capacity-Guide

How Much Can a Transit Connect Tow? (Towing Capacity Guide)

Towing is a way of life. Then with so many vehicles to choose from, it is easy to assume that they all tow the same amount of weight. But they don't, and you have to be careful as some vehicles tow a lot

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How Much Can a Mercedes Metris Tow? (Metris Towing Capacity)

Mercedes is known for building top-quality cars full of luxurious features and options. yet the company has not forgotten that people in all classes have needs. Their fine automobile line also comes with

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Can You Pull a 5th Wheel With a Lifted Truck? (4 vs 6-Inch)

Trucks are not the same. They can be customized and people take that opportunity to make their truck function the way they want it to. But when it comes to towing a 5th wheel, those customization efforts

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