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How Much Propane Does a 30 Lb Tank Hold? (How Many Gallons)

Nothing is as it seems. That is the case with propane. While the tank may have one level or capacity, the meters monitoring the actual fuel will say something else. There are legitimate reasons why this

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Propane Bleeder Valve Not Working: Where Is The Bleeder Valve?

You can fill up a propane tank, at least not all the way. If you do, then you would get liquid propane running through your system and that could be risky. The bleeder valve stops the refilling at 80%

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How to Replace The Rubber Seal On a Propane Tank (Guide)

Liability issues is the main reason why you may not see many parts for sale. Stores and other retail outlets do not want to have to face lawsuits when a part they sell is defective. This rubber seal may

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Costco Propane Tank With Gauge: Do They Really Work?

When you are planning a nice barbecue it always is nice to know how much propane you have on hand. You could buy a separate gauge to monitor your supply. Or you could simply buy a propane tank that includes

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Propane Weigh Guide: How Much Does a Gallon of Propane Weigh?

When you are in an RV, you use propane almost every day. RV users like the benefits but don't know how much propane weighs. When you are figuring out your weight issues, you need to know this figure to

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RV Propane Line Cap: How to Cap an Unused Propane Line

Sometimes simple alterations to your RV or trailer can create bigger hassles. When you remove a fridge and do not replace it with another one, you need to do something with the propane line. That can be

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Propane Duo Therm Heater Troubleshooting (Won’t Ignite)

Fixing those heater issues range from easy and quick to having to replace the old heater with a safer upgraded model. Sometimes people won’t work on the older heaters and you end up replacing the heater.One

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Long Propane Hose: The Maximum Length of a Propane Hose

When it comes to being safe, especially when handling propane, having enough distance is your friend. However, there may be limits as to how long your hose can be. This is not a legal issue but a gas flow

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How to Mount Propane Tank On Trailer Tongue (11 Bracket Options)

Not every trailer is equipped with propane tanks. That is why you need to find a good, well-ventilated spot to place your new tank. The tongue is well-ventilated and it keeps the tank out of your way while

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30 Lb Propane Tank Exchange: Can You Exchange a 30lb Tank?

When it comes to RV life, there are two important items you will always need. One is electricity and the other is propane. It's easy to get electricity, all you have to do is plug into the nearest outlet.

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