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RV Dinette Booth Dimensions: What Size Is The Dinette Bed?

You hate sleeping on them. That's one of the common features all RV dinette booths have. They are very hard to sleep on. One reason for that difficulty is that either the space is too small or the mattress

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How-To-Secure an-RV-Dinette-5-RV-Dinette-Table-Wall-Mounts

How To Secure an RV Dinette: 5 RV Dinette Table Wall Mounts

Security is important not only for your health but also for the life and good condition of your RV furniture. Making sure everything is ‘nailed’ down when you are on the move is one way to keep your

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Low Wattage Options: How Many Watts Does a Coffee Maker Use?

Coffee smells good and brings a jolt in the morning when you need it. Plus, to most people, it tastes really good. Those are positives most people can enjoy no matter where they are. However, making a

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How to Add an RV Pocket Door to Your RV (Replace and Adjust)

Curtains offer some privacy. At least hospitals think so. Unfortunately, curtains don't block sound from going to one room from another. When you have a snorer in your RV, it is best to find a way to block

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Fixing Everchill RV Refrigerator Problems (and Our Review)

Finding a good RV fridge may be the treasure hunt of the season. Many fridges use too much power and can break down at the drop of a hat. With a bit of research and a good power delivery setup, you should

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RV Spongy Floor Repair Kit: How To Fix Soft Spot in Camper

One of the most vital parts of an RV is the flooring. When you have a solid floor underneath you, it is possible to live normally and without worry. However, those floors can get damaged, making RV or

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5 RV Jackknife Sofa Replacement Ideas (Replacing RV Sofa)

An RV is just like a home. If you own it long enough, you may decide to replace the furniture with something more modern and comfortable. Replacing furniture in a home is easy as that task doesn't have

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Reflective Insulation For Windows: Will Reflectix Damage RV?

It depends on whom you believe. Whenever it comes to any products, there will be people for it or against it. Both sides may have legitimate arguments or they are merely repeating obscure facts in hopes

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Finding an RV Bunk Mattress Cut Corner (Cut Corner RV Sheets)

RVs are not like traditional homes. The furniture that goes inside of these rigs is not made like the furniture for a traditional home. This includes the beds. Some RV beds come with a 45 degree cut at

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How to Get Furniture Through an RV Door (Will a Couch Fit?)

It is a tight fit. Moving day or even adding a piece of furniture to one’s home can often be trying. No one measured the openings until they brought that item home. It is going to be a tight fit if it

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