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Sumo Shocks For RV: Cost, Reviews, Installation Guide

Technology tries again. It seems that wherever you go, technology is always trying to improve on something. This case will be the ride of your RV that gets the attention. These Sumo Springs are supposed

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The 1997-2001 Coleman Sea Pine Pop Up Review (Specs, Manual)

Coleman is a trusted name. For many decades this company has produced great camping equipment. They are also said to have produced some top-of-the-line pop-up campers. Though short-lived production-wise,

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Are Fleetwood Niagara Pop-Up Campers Any Good? (Value)

One of the places to start to answer that question is to read the reviews. These opinion pieces will give you an insight into an owner’s experience, and let you see a snippet of the actual quality of

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2005-2008 Fleetwood Evolution Pop-Up Camper (E1 vs E2 vs E3)

When you go searching to buy a new one or a new-to-you pop-up camper, you may be surprised to find that there are more models to choose from than you originally thought. It can be a time-consuming chore

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RV Ice Box vs Fridge Guide (Suppliers, Reviews, Vintage)

Ice boxes are not a new idea. These little coolers were the forerunners of the modern electric-powered fridge. Almost every home had one at one time or another. They are a good idea and work well with

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Complete Toyota Dolphin RV Guide (Full Specs, Price, Review)

The one thing you need to know about Toyota RVs is that they could be made from the same mold but come with different model names. Toyota had over 60 model names all produced by a myriad of RV makers using

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Best Camper TV Trays (5 Options For Kids, Foldable, Light)

RV TV trays may only be a small niche and you may not find what you are looking for. Even an owner with Thomas Payne chairs cannot find TV trays that fit that brand of chair. If you do find them, they

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Aliner vs Cabin A Expedition Travel Trailer (Weight)

When you go light with your trailer, it means that you can use an economical car to do the towing. That is a gas-saving you won’t be able to enjoy with larger tow vehicles. Light may mean small but then

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How Much Does a Casita Trailer Weigh? (Spirit, Patriot, Etc)

When it comes to towing weight is just about everything. If the trailer is too heavy, you have to change vehicles just to go on vacation. When the trailer’s weight is just right, you can use any vehicle,

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King’s Highway Motorhome Guide (Specs, Review, History, Price)

It was on a television show. The King’s Highway Motorhome was found to have appeared in the old TV show C.H.I.P.s. but even that appearance or two did not memorialize it into RV history. There is not

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