Milent Repo Auction Deals: Is Milent Repo Legit?

There are ads out for RV and vehicle auctions all the time. The problem is it is often hard to tell the difference between a real auction house and a fake one. However, real auction houses have legitimate websites, contact information, and details about the structure of their company. Fake ones ask for money.

What we know at this time is that Milent Repo is supposed to be an active company. At least as of July of this year, they were still active. We are not running into too much information on this auction house and its offerings may be too good to be true.

To learn more about this business and if it is a scam, just continue reading our article. It will provide as much information as possible, which is not much, about this company so you can make up your mind to use them or not. Fake auction houses use non-standard payment options.

What is The Milent Repo?


According to Bizapedia, Milent Repo is a New York Domestic Limited-Liability Company. It is also a Texas Limited-Liability Company and a California Limited-Liability Company. This may be legitimate if they are to be authorized to work in those states.

What we find suspicious is that the registered company representative and their addresses. For California we have Kayleen Michele Williams who is located at 505 Loring Ave Apt 1, Crockett, CA 94525 with the company registered to the same address.

For Texas, we have Jennifer Salas who is located at 7129 Falling Leaf Cir, El Paso, TX 79934 & for New York, it is Teresa Hatcher who is located at 592 Georgia Ave Apt 1f, Brooklyn, NY 11207. The company is registered at the same address as well.

This raises a lot of red flags as there is no other business information about this company. More red flags were raised when the website for the company used by the website scam detector could not be found anywhere.

One reason may be that it uses Facebook to do its auctions. But we checked and no Milent Repo account exists on Facebook. The reason we mention this is because earlier in the year one woman lost $21,000 through a Facebook Auction conducted by this company.

Their head office for that auction was listed as being in Denver but no such company existed at that address or in that state. An IP address led investigators to an Iceland location.

Milent Auction Deals


The best we can say is that they are fake and are only designed to take money from you. It seems that whoever is running this scam is using legitimate pictures from other auction houses and also the same details yet lowering the price significantly.

One man found an ad for a backhoe auction. He also found out that it was a legitimate picture from another site but the price was too good to be true. You can view his comments and the backhoe at this link.

If you come across any repo ads and auctions run by this company, do some research first. You may find the same RV, boat, or heavy equipment on a legitimate auction house site for a lot more money.

The one difference is that legitimate auction houses will use legitimate, standard, and secure payment transfer options. The fake ones will ask you to send all the money upfront first and use non-standard payment options.

Also, the BBB has issued a warning about this type of scam. To let you know, there are other auction house names that are not legit either. Those names are the Inline Repo, Auct Best, & Tymacrepo. They are all using the same photos as well.

Is Milent Repo Legit?


No. Here is the word from someone who got taken by this company. They posted it on the Bizaoedia website:

We have tried repeatedly to reach the owner, kayleen m. Williams of milent repo for 2 weeks regarding a wire transfer that was sent to an escrow account in milent repo's name.

We cancelled the order on 10/04/2022 and were told that we would receive a refund within 24-48 hours, and are still waiting on the refund, today is 11/02/2022.

We have sent numerous e-mails and phone messages to emusclesholdings and milent repo regarding the cancellation and when we could expect the refund for $6600 that they received on 10/04/2022 with no response from either company.”

The name in the complaint is the same name listed as the representative for the company we posted earlier.

A Few More Details


Many people are vulnerable to scams as they are looking to save money. A worthy purpose but some people are not discerning enough to filter out the bad companies and the legitimate ones.

There is help for those who start to fall for those too good to be true prices and ads. Go to and research the company first before answering their ad. Make sure the company is legitimate.

Then, never wire any money. If you use Western Union or MoneyGram then the confirmation numbers can be picked up anywhere in the world. When that happens, the money is gone with no hope of recovery.

Also, watch out for where these auction ads are found. They can be on Craigslist, eBay, or even Facebook. These scammers will use not traditional outlets to con people out of their hard-earned money.

Some Final Words

Before you leap, look for red flags. There will always be red flags when the outlet is trying to scam you. Whether it is a fake address, a very low price, non-standard money transfer methods, or duplicate pictures those red flags will appear.

Do some research first to make sure you are dealing with a reputable company. The BBB is one place to look if the company has registered with that organization. Use the company name and the words is it a scam to find out any negative information. Just make sure you look first and make sure before you buy.

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