R12 vs Freeze 12: Is Freeze 12 Compatible With 134A?

I know a guy who knows a guy, who knows a guy and he said... This is what you get many times over when you try to get information on different products. It can be frustrating as there are so many contrary

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Complete RV Bathroom Dimensions: Shower, Door, Drain, Curtain

You may complain that your built-in bathroom is tiny, but there are some RV models out there that do not include a bathroom in their floor plans. Everything is done outside or in a shared setting. That

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2000 Ford Ranger Towing Capacity (Helpful Guide and Tips)

Not every truck has the ability to tow a lot of weight. Some are made only to haul heavy cargo loads, while others can do that and tow heavy trailers. The towing capacity depends on the manufacturer and

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2016-2021 Mazda CX-9 Towing Capacity (Helpful Guide and Tips)

When you buy newer cars, you get to take advantage of all the technological upgrades that have come into existence over the years. You can drive faster, have more conveniences, and sit in comfort for hours

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Scamp vs Casita vs Escape: Quality, Price, Weight, Reviews

When you want a spacious trailer but do not want the largest sizes, you can always look at those RV trailer manufacturers who build spacious models yet keep the length down to a minimum. Which one is better?

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2014-2015 Toyota Sienna Towing Capacity (Helpful Guide)

No matter which vehicle they own, the owners generally find themselves in a situation where towing is the only option. Towing can be a lot of fun if you have the right vehicle. Sometimes minivans are not

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2005-2006 Honda Odyssey Towing Capacity (Helpful Guide)

Different car companies have different specs and capacities. You have to check specific car models to see if there are any differences. Each car company adds different towing capacities to different model

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Putty Tape vs Butyl Tape: What Is The Difference?

Some RVs have problems with their seals. The caulking used does not have the right stuff and sometimes dries out too quickly. Then you can always use the cheaper putty tape brands, but you run into the

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RV Mini AC Options (5000 BTU RV Roof Air Conditioner)

Less power, more economical seems to be the trend with many RV owners these days. They want to cut their power expenses, so they replace larger AC units with smaller ones. They use less power and have

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What Does a Scamp Trailer Cost? (Used and New Price List)

The cost is in the details. Base price is just that, a starting point. Unfortunately, the price only goes in one direction after that-- up. Your costs for any RV will depend on all the added features you

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