What Size Is a Narrow Twin Mattress? (9 Options To Choose)

Small bed sizes, no problem. You can get smaller mattresses to fit any size sleeping space you have in your camper or RV. The key is knowing where to look and if you can’t find one in traditional stores,

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DIY 12V Fridge: How to Convert a Fridge to 12V (Guide)

This seems to be a very popular project to take on. People are just not satisfied with the standard 12 volt Fridge in their RVs. So they take matters into their own hands and create their own solutions.The

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EverStart Plus vs Maxx: Is EverStart a Good Battery?

You may see a lot of battery brands on sale at your favorite retail outlet but did you know there are only about 3 battery manufacturers in America making almost all of them? That is the way it is these

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Do I Need a Vent in My Van? (Stealth Van Ventilation Guide)

Not everyone wants the world to know that they are sleeping in their van. Those rooftop vents are often dead giveaways that someone is sleeping inside. Those people who like a little privacy prefer to

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How to Light a Mr Heater: Solving Common Problems and Tips

When you need to stay warm, it's always good to have an efficient and effective heater in your RV. The key is to not have one that is complicated to start or use. A simple device does the same job and

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How to Keep Your Face Warm While Sleeping (Head, Neck, Nose)

All you need is a good sleeping bag to wrap around you and you can stay nice and warm. However, the face is in an awkward position and holds your ability to breathe. That configuration makes it difficult

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How to Fix Honda EU2000i ECO Throttle Issues (When to Use)

As the technology becomes more advanced, the more money you could possibly save. For example, the ECO throttle on the Honda generator automatically adjusts the fuel draw depending on the appliance you

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Finding a Foot Powered Water Pump For RV (11 Alternatives)

When you need water, you need it fast. The biggest problem with an electric pump is that so many things can go wrong at the wrong time. They are great devices but when they lose power, they are just another

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Living in a PT Cruiser Camper: Making a Bed and Conversion

It is good to know that you can use your PT Cruiser as a nice bedroom and living quarters. A car is a car and they all can be used as beds at some point in time.This really is not a tough project to do.

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How to Boil Water While Traveling (12v Kettle Boiling Time)

When it says while traveling, it does not mean that you can boil water while you are actually moving. A little common sense is involved in this process and a little common sense will prevent any injury

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