The Burro Travel Trailer Review (Burro Camper Weight)

When you don't need a lot of luxury or features, you can always go small. There are plenty of smaller travel trailers made over the years and these small trailers were lightweight. That made them easy

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Finding a Fiberglass Cargo Trailer (Manufacturers List & DIY)

One thing you don't want behind your tow vehicle is more weight that it can handle. One way to avoid that problem is to find a nice fiberglass trailer that is strong and durable. With the right search,

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How Many Solar Panels To Power a Window Air Conditioner?

To make the calculations and come up with the answer, all you need is a few math skills and the problem is solved. Then you need to figure out if your budget can handle purchasing the number of solar panels

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Buying-an-Older-Class-C-Motorhome-11-70s-80s-RV- to-Buy

Buying an Older Class C Motorhome (11 70s-80s RVs to Buy)

Old and used isn't bad. In fact, if you go through the used RV ads, you can find a gem of a vehicle and pay far less than if you bought a new one. The extra savings can go for other activities or food

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Real Street Address: Can You Use a UPS Box as a Legal Address?

With the number of con artists and other nefarious characters out there hiding your real home street address becomes a necessity. It is also not that difficult to do. All you have to do is apply for one

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Alcohol Fueled Space Heater (9 Options From Portable to DIY)

When you go camping having a light and portable space heater on hand is valuable. They are easy to use, produce lots of heat and fill in quite well when your other heaters do not work. These heaters use

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How Tall Is a Conversion Van? (Full Conversion Dimensions)

When you want to stand up, it's not quite that easy in a standard van. For most of them, you are lucky to get 4 feet of height and that is not enough to stand up straight. When you want to move easily

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How to Build a Foamy Camper (Foamie Camper Weight and Guide)

A foamy trailer is something that may come in handy. They are cheap to build as well.These campers are easy to build. A bit time-consuming as you have to put layers of canvas over the foam boards, then

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Can You Replace an Onan Generator With Honda? (Helpful Guide)

When your Onan generator stops working it is tempting to find a replacement. Not with the same Onan model but with a different brand and different design. The cost may be cheaper which is why it is so

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Can I Run an Induction Cooktop on Solar? (How Many Watts?)

Since the invention of this induction cooker, families have had to change their cooking pots. Only metals that could be attracted to a magnet will work on these cookers. But to save energy, making the

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