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How Tall Is a Conversion Van? (Full Conversion Dimensions)

When you want to stand up, it's not quite that easy in a standard van. For most of them, you are lucky to get 4 feet of height and that is not enough to stand up straight. When you want to move easily

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Can I Run an Induction Cooktop on Solar? (How Many Watts?)

Since the invention of this induction cooker, families have had to change their cooking pots. Only metals that could be attracted to a magnet will work on these cookers. But to save energy, making the

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Milk Crates Under Bed: Can I Use Milk Crates as a Bed Frame?

​DIY ideas and thinking outside the box works for creating some unique bed designs. All you have to have is some common sense, the right supplies, and a little building skill and you have a nice unique

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How to Find or Build an Enclosed Trailer Screen Door (8 Tips)

One thing about screen doors, they are flexible enough to handle just about any trailer you own. While it may be tough to fin done to fit your specific situation, solutions are out there. The key will

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Fuel pump at Petrol Station. Diesel Pump.

Heating Oil vs Diesel: Can You Use Diesel For Heating Oil?

Home delivery makes the difference. That is one thing about home heating oil. You don't have to go out and buy the product at your local gas station and fill the oil tank yourself. It is all done for you

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How-Many-Amp-Doe- a-Diesel-Heater-Use-Heater-Fuel-Usage

How Many Amps Does a Diesel Heater Use? (Heater Fuel Usage)

Power is always a concern. Not only do you need power to heat your RV, but you also need to make sure the heater’s power draw does not break the bank. Watching your power usage is one way to save money

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Chevy Suburban Camper Conversion: High Top Roof vs Tent

Suburbans are not considered the go-to type of vehicle to convert. But it can be done. Whether you use a high-top conversion or attach a tent, will depend on your camping preference as well as the size

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Finding a Dodge Transvan For Sale (Price, Review, Full Specs)

Made to be a direct competitor. The Chinook Class B RV must have been a real winner for one company to build a Transvan model to compete against it. These unique vans did not have a long lifespan but they

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What Size Is a Narrow Twin Mattress? (9 Options To Choose)

Small bed sizes, no problem. You can get smaller mattresses to fit any size sleeping space you have in your camper or RV. The key is knowing where to look and if you can’t find one in traditional stores,

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Do-Kerosene-Heaters-Need-To-Be-Vented-How-Much-and How-To

Do Kerosene Heaters Need To Be Vented? (How Much and How To)

Keeping warm is a situation that has people looking for economical methods to keep the cold outside of their RVs. Kerosene heaters are portable, easy to use and the fuel is not always that expensive. The

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